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Pediatrician helps Latino parents understand importance of vaccines

Pediatrician helps Latino parents understand importance of vaccines

LatinaLista — A new study published in the March issue of JAMA Pediatrics on the December measles outbreak, traced to California’s Disneyland, confirms what was on everyone’s minds — not being vaccinated caused the illness to spread. Researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that a perfect storm was created


New study reveals Latino boys affected most often by muscular dystrophy than white or African American boys

LatinaLista — A new study published in the journal Pediatrics found that muscular dystrophy, a genetic muscle-weakening disorder, affects 1 in 5,000 boys in the United States — the majority are Latino. The population-based study, featuring collaboration from the University of Iowa, University of Rochester, University of Arizona, University of Colorado-Aurora, the New York State


Coalition launches bilingual site to end the silence in Latino community about sex ed, birth control and teen parenting

LatinaLista — Unlike most American demographics, Latino families don’t necessarily see teen pregnancy as a bad thing. The idea of it “takes a village to raise a child” has been a concept in practice for many generations in Latino families, especially so if the parents are teens. This isn’t to say that the teens’ parents


Another kind of “smart pad” strives to keep women healthy and in-the-know about their bodies

LatinaLista — Common sense says that when we are proactive about our health — have routine check-ups, perform self-examinations and pay attention to changes in our bodies — that we can usually avoid being in the late stages of a disease or illness when treatment is more costly and good outcomes questionable. For women, this