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Bi-national/bilingual campaign asks everyone to be a hero in effort to raise $1 million by World Aids Day

Bi-national/bilingual campaign asks everyone to be a hero in effort to raise $1 million by World Aids Day

LatinaLista — Aside from the fight against terrorism, the only other battle that has united countries to pool resources and research to find a solution, or in this case a cure, is the fight against AIDS. In our interconnected world these days, it’s not hard for diseases of any kind to bypass customs or border


Purple ribbons deserve equal ‘pinning’ in the month of October

LatinaLista — Though pink may be the dominant ribbon color this month to honor breast cancer awareness, there’s another color that deserves equal ‘pinning’ – purple. Purple stands for domestic violence awareness month. In 2012, a report from the Mary Kay Foundation found domestic violence cases to be on the rise, attributable to the sluggish

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Latina dietitian on a mission to bust nutrition myths and highlight importance of home-cooked meals

By Juan Miret LatinaLista “You’ll never regret eating well.” A simple but powerful motto. Christy Wilson, a Latina registered dietitian and nutrition consultant from Arizona, believes and lives by that principle. And yes, she enjoys a not-so-healthy splurge every now and then; however, she has been blogging, writing, and teaching that healthy eating is not


Guest Voz: For uninsured and under-insured Latinos, Affordable Care Act is a long overdue prescription

By Vanessa Gonzalez-Plumhoff LatinaLista We all know someone, in our families, at work, or a neighbor, who ignored a nagging health concern because they didn’t have health insurance, didn’t have the money, or for one reason or another, just couldn’t get to a doctor. Access to health care is an incredibly important issue for the

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Latest get-healthy initiative from First Lady encourages everyone to Drink Up! in bilingual campaign

LatinaLista — In the next phase of the First Lady’s push to get the nation, especially children, to live a healthy lifestyle, the White House launched a new campaign today dubbed Drink Up! It’s an effort to get everyone to drink more water. Speaking with reporters on a press call, executive director of Let’s Move!


Video: Filmmaker shares the simple secret to happiness that can create profound change

LatinaLista — Roko Belic is an actor, film producer, director and documentarian. It was through one of his last films Belic discovered something that changed his life — for the better. While filming the documentary HAPPY, and traveling the world exploring what makes people happy, Belic discovered a fundamental truth about humankind and the emotion