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Guest Voz: A new crisis in Haiti needs the world’s attention

LatinaLista — Ever since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti, the country and its people have been struggling to rebuild a better country than they had before. It hasn’t been easy. With widespread poverty, the destruction of schools and hospitals, the growth of the tent cities, along with, criminal gangs, Haiti didn’t need one more thing

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day emphasizes HIV testing

LatinaLista — Hispanic Heritage Month ends Friday, October 15 but not before one more special event takes place meant to highlight awareness of Latinos — and AIDS. National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD) is a day dedicated to heightening awareness that AIDS is still very much a crisis within the Latino community. According to the

TX report finds undocumented children five times more likely in state care due to sexual abuse

LatinaLista — By now, even the most casual observer of the news knows about DREAM Act students, or at least has heard the term, in reference to those students who are undocumented and have grown up in this country. However, there is a small percentage of the undocumented youth population that nobody really knows about.