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Gains in HIV prevention still elude Latino communities on 21st observance of World AIDS Day

LatinaLista — Next year, it will be 30 years that the world has lived with AIDS. Discovered in 1981, the disease, that doesn’t discriminate but relies on people being lazy about protecting themselves, has claimed 30 million lives since its discovery. But finally, there’s good news! According to the recently released UNAIDS Report on the

Migrant women farmworkers toil in nation’s “crying fields” to harvest food for the American people

LatinaLista — When it’s said that undocumented immigrants do the jobs most Americans don’t want, there is one industry that is the poster child for that statement — the food industry. It is reported that six in ten of the nation’s farmworkers are undocumented migrants. Thanks to the work of United Farm Workers, we know the

Spotlight Non-profit: Easing the financial stress of breast cancer patients

LatinaLista– “We know that prevention is key and education is power but who pays the bills?” That simple sentence sums up the mission for the Busted Foundation, an organization that fundraises money to specifically help women with their finances as they undergo breast cancer treatment. Begun in 2007 in Southern California, it wasn’t long before

New Yale study finds fast food industry guilty of unhealthy marketing towards Latino and African American families

LatinaLista — The notion that the fast food industry partners with families, especially Latino and African American families, to create healthy meal options for children is a half-truth. A new study by Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity titled F.A.S.T. Food Facts: Evaluating Fast Food Nutrition and Marketing to Youth, found some disturbing