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Study says not enough home-cooked meals underlying cause for Latino child obesity

LatinaLista — For most Latino families, it used to be that eating cheaply meant eating a homemade meal made from the basic Latino food groups — corn, rice and beans. Yet, thanks to a new study from the University of Illinois at Chicago, eating cheap has become synonymous with fast-food and it’s making our kids

Breast cancer tissue bank strives to broaden diversity of samples to help Latinas, blacks and Asians

LatinaLista — Breast cancer may not discriminate with whom it targets but not all breast cancer is the same inwho gets it. The medical community recognizes that breast cancer, as all cancers, behave differently in people of different ethnicities. That wasn’t always the case. It used to be considered a one-size-disease-fits-all until doctors noticed, for

Planned Parenthood sponsors Twitter Town Hall discussion focusing on breast health

LatinaLista — The passage of the Affordable Care Act or ‘ObamaCare’ makes it easier for women to stay healthy. Under the bill, women are eligible to receive the following services without a co-pay or any cost sharing: Well-woman visits: This includes an annual well-woman preventive care visit for adult women to obtain the recommended preventive


Latina junior chefs garner seats at first-ever White House kids’ “State Dinner”

LatinaLista — Most 12-year-olds spend their summers far from the family kitchen but not Linda Martinez. This young girl from Madison, Mississippi, who started cooking over a year ago, sees the kitchen as her playground where she can create healthy recipes. It was her recipe for healthy tacos, aptly dubbed “Mississippi Tacos” — that caught

Latino immigrants hold dubious distinction of having the most HIV diagnosis

LatinaLista — Thirty-one years after the discovery of AIDS in the United States, the hope was that the disease would have been eradicated by now. After claiming, so far, about 30 million lives worldwide, the disease still flourishes in some parts of the world while in other parts significant progress has been made to halt

Susan G. Komen for the Cure partners with Mexican government to bring breast cancer awareness to Mexican immigrants in U.S.

LatinaLista — The pink ribbon has become an iconic symbol worldwide for breast cancer awareness — it even has its own Wikipedia entry. Thanks to a great marketing effort, that has been both viral and organized, there’s no one who doesn’t instantly recognize what the pink ribbon symbolizes. The one organization, for whom the pink