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LatinaLista — It’s estimated that 52 percent of Latinas will become pregnant at least once by age 20. While the Latina teen pregnancy rates have actually fallen and are at their lowest levels in years, unfortunately, Latina teen birth and pregnancy rates are still almost twice the national average. As a result, many communities and […]

LatinaLista — Cancer kills children more than cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, asthma and AIDS combined. Cancer is the most common cause of death by disease for children and adolescents in the United States. It’s a reality that the Cruse family of North Texas knows only too well. In 2009, eight-year-old Connor Cruse died of Neuroblastoma, […]

Latina Lista — President Obama surprised many when he reversed course on stopping the EPA from enforcing tougher smog standards. Environmentalists were outraged and according to today’s Guest Voz contributor, Adrianna Quintero, so should be the Latino community. Quintero is an environmental advisor of Voces Verdes, a Latino green coalition. In the following piece, Quintero […]

By Mona Alvarado Frazier Amigos805.com Last week I shared a family incident, which many people said they identified with on two levels. One was the “Sandwich Generation,” which I also call the “Quesadilla Generation,” because I often feel like sticky queso pulled between two big tortillas. And the other identification is that everyone knows someone […]

LatinaLista — It’s reported that 1.5 million children are homeless in this country. Thirteen kids die on the street every day from abuse, disease and suicide. Kids are running away at the rate of one every minute. In every classroom of thirty-five kids, seven of them will run away before they are eighteen. Children who […]

Juan Miret Hispano de Tulsa TULSA, Oklahoma – Oklahoma has the seventh highest rate of obesity in adults among the 50 states, according to a report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Oklahoma’s obesity rate is listed at 31.4 percent. Results of the report, “How Obesity Threatens America’s Future […]

LatinaLista — A teenager’s life has always been tough. There have always been bullies, “mean girls,” that one special guy or girl that gave you butterflies in your stomach, and for some teen girls that one guy who professed his love like Romeo but acted more like Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. But what has […]

LatinaLista — It used to be there were two things Latinas never discussed — sex and birth control. A culture rooted so deeply in Christianity preferred to see sex as a necessary practice in fulfilling God’s commandments, with no confession of actually enjoying it. Since the end goal was always to get pregnant, for a […]

LatinaLista — Every Latino knows that not all Latinos are the same. Some of us eat pinto beans, others eat black beans. Some eat tortillas and other eat plantains. For some, tequila is the liquor of choice and for others, it’s rum. Now, the government is finally understanding that there are problems when umbrella labels […]

LatinaLista — A new report about life expectancies of Americans reveals a deeply disturbing picture, especially for women. Women are now, overall, worse off than men in the number of years they can expect to live and for those who live in North Texas, the Deep South and Appalachia, the prospect of living to a […]

LatinaLista — There’s probably no group more stereotyped than Latinas. The funny thing is that not all the stereotypes are the same. There’s the image of the submissive Latina who divides her time between jumping to (literally) serve any man who comes into her home and the church. Then there’s the image of the seductive […]

LatinaLista — The nation’s budget deficit is serious business. Nobody can argue that. Yet, the fact that some in Congress are arguing that the poor and children of color can most afford cuts or eliminations of programs that don’t just provide a service but directly impact their fragile quality of life versus maintaining tax breaks […]

LatinaLista — One of the worst times in a woman or young girl’s life is when she feels “beaten” down, physically and emotionally, by the man in her life to whom she’s professed her most personal gift — her love. Unfortunately, this feeling goes beyond breaking up with someone, it’s all about the violence used […]

LatinaLista — One of the least contentious elements being proposed as part of a larger immigration reform package has to do with creating a guest worker program to serve the agricultural industry. The reasoning is that such a program would provide more security to undocumented farm workers who are subject to an untold number of […]