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LatinaLista — The trouble with a broken immigration system is that it’s easy for people to fall through the cracks. And the trouble with so many stories about this broken immigration system flooding mainstream media is that it’s too easy for the important stories to get lost in the flood. Camp Delta Guantanamo Bay That’s […]

LatinaLista — People in the South Texas region, affectionately known as the Valley, have historically been ignored by the state of Texas and Washington. It wasn’t until Hillary Clinton singled out the Valley during her failed presidential campaign that anyone took much notice of the people there. Valley veterans take to the highway on their […]

LatinaLista — Violence against women is a worldwide phenomenon that pits abused women against society and their respective judicial systems. It’s only through men and women working together to create solutions can long-lasting change occur and put a halt to the acts of abuse meant to control, intimidate and shame women. Jennifer Barreto-Leyva’s emails are […]

by Jennifer Barreto-Leyva LatinaLista VENEZUELA: We dont know who the perpetrarors were, we still are thinking and trying to figure out what happened here. This been the most horrific thing someone can experience ever!!!!! Hours after living through every woman’s worst nightmare when she and her family were held at gunpoint, assaulted and robbed, Jennifer, […]

LatinaLista — The violence along the U.S.-Mexico border is unprecedented, to say the least. To think that it will not cross the border into the United States as the Mexican attorney general believes is delusional thinking and disturbing since he refuses to acknowledge the fact that the violence is already here. There may not be […]

LatinaLista — Last week, Mexican diplomats in North Texas were among the first of U.S.-based Mexican consulates to sign “accords” with the U.S. that creates clear guidelines on how the United States should deport children and women and those with disabilities. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had been found to be negligent in how […]

LatinaLista — Today’s swearing-in of Eric Holder Jr. as the nation’s newest Attorney General has been as anticipated among immigration lawyers and families of immigrants detained in detention facilities as was Obama’s own Inauguration Day. Vice president Joseph Biden administers the oath of office to Attorney General Eric Holder during a ceremony at the Justice […]

LatinaLista — Today is the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This year’s theme is “Dignity and justice for all of us.” Cartoonist Jerry Robinson’s interpretation of Human Rights is part of the United Nations’ Sketching Human Rights Cartoon Exhibit. When we think of human rights we think of […]

LatinaLista — In 1968, ten days before the start of the Olympic games in Mexico City, several hundred students were slaughtered during a peaceful protest they had been staging for three months against the government’s stifling rule. Mexican student protester being beaten by military troops. (Photo: Roberto Sánchez) Eyewitnesses say that Mexican military troops shot […]

LatinaLista — Last week, the Center for Public Policy Priorities released the most in-depth study on the attitude of the U.S. federal government towards undocumented children who are caught illegally entering the country without their parents. The report, A Child Alone and Without Papers, contained a number of very disturbing revelations. From children being mistreated […]

LatinaLista — Almudena Carracedo, a budding LA-based filmmaker, happened to catch a news item in her local paper about five years ago. It was a story about the sweatshops in Los Angeles, the west coast fashion center of the nation. Filmmaker Almudena Carracedo proudly wins her first Emmy for Made in L.A. As Almudena read […]

LatinaLista — Gardasil, a vaccine that protects against the sexually transmitted virus genital human papillomavirus (HPV), is being hailed by many throughout the world as a cancer breakthrough. The vaccine helps in the prevention of cervical cancer, the world’s second leading cause of cancer deaths among women. For most women it’s a choice as to […]

LatinaLista — The story of the largest immigration raid in history that happened at Postville, Iowa would seem like a “has-been” story regurgitated ad nauseam, but there’s a second part to it that is proving to be more disturbing than the surprise raid and round-up of 389 people. Relatives of detained Postville workers react to […]

LatinaLista — On December 10, 2008, the world will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It’s especially poignant that after 60 years human rights are under assault in all corners of the world, just as intensely as ever. From third world countries to industrialized nations, the basic human rights of […]

LatinaLista — This week, we learned from a Justice Department report that the White House interfered in the hiring of immigration judges by politicizing the hires. In other words, if the candidates met the conservative criteria or were recommended by Republican members of Congress, they were hired. If they were determined to be liberal or […]

LatinaLista — When it comes to immigration enforcement, outside of ICE or the Department of Homeland Security, only one other law enforcement department has become as synonymous with conducting hunts for undocumented immigrants — Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, or the one name that embodies the infamous department, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe’s “crime suppression” […]

LatinaLista — Juana Villegas DeLaPaz, a Nashville, Tennessee resident, should be happily tired these days since the recent birth of her fourth child. And Villegas DeLaPaz is tired but it’s one derived of an emotional ordeal that has drained and depressed this 33-year-old mother — not because of her undocumented status, but because of what […]