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LatinaLista — The Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE Department of Homeland Security has a lot of job responsibilities. According to their web site: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the largest investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is responsible for eliminating vulnerabilities in the nation’s border, and with economic, transportation and […]

LatinaLista — Today is World Refugee Day. When we think of refugees these days, it’s usually the images in Africa of the different tribes that have been displaced because of war and famine, but we know that refugees exist all over the world — even in the United States. The dictionary defines refugee as : […]

LatinaLista — Today, Chile may enjoy the leadership of one of the few women Presidents in the world, Michelle Bachelet, but the country’s sad history of terror and torture under the watch of General Augusto Pinochet when more than 3,000 people were killed and 1,000 of those were listed as “disappeared,” still haunts the survivors […]

LatinaLista — If you don’t, thankfully there’s still time to sign up to witness firsthand an unique event that attempts to erase borders and bring the world together through film. May 10, 2008 is officially now known as Pangea Day. The brainchild of filmmaker Jehane Noujaim, Pangea Day arose from Noujaim’s wish for world peace. […]

LatinaLista — When news first hit the wires today that China had released their assessment of the U.S.’ record on human rights, the reflex action within the United States was to dismiss it. (Source: CNN) After all, it’s China — the biggest country dedicated to communist ideals and for many in the world, the worst […]

LatinaLista — Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez does say the darndest things. Maybe it was because he felt invincible after helping arrange the release of two prominent female hostages by the Colombian terror group FARC earlier this month, but whatever it was, Chavez surprised the world when he declared that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia […]

LatinaLista — Chicago’s Adalberto United Methodist Church is back in the news. Known for providing sanctuary to Mexican national Elvira Arellano, the church finds itself facing the same request by more members of their congregation. Adalberto United Methodist Church was the sanctuary home for Elvira Arellano. (Source: chicagoist.com) It’s a decision that must be balanced […]

LatinaLista — Today is the international observance of Human Rights Day. Latina Lista, along with other Latina/o bloggers, have made it our mission to highlight the shortcomings of U.S. policy in regard to immigration, the treatment of undocumented immigrants and border security. As we end another year, and get set to embark on the beginning […]

LatinaLista — In a rare move that made international headlines, the Mexican Consulate issued a travel warning to its citizens to avoid Irving, Texas. The Consul noted that an excessive amount of Mexican nationals were being picked up and referred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Consul felt that the Irving police department was guilty […]

LatinaLista — The 2006 Community Survey reports that the total population of Irving, Texas stands at 205,920. It’s a figure that is steadily dropping. Not because of deaths or people relocating, but rather because of deportations. Between June 1, 2006 and September 18, 2007, at least 1,600 people have been deported. That’s about 1% of […]

By Claudia Flores LatinaLista The Dream Team of ACLU lawyers, who fight for the rights of women as part of the Women’s Rights Project, were responsible for winning a recent settlement on behalf of several immigrant women who were sexually harassed by their employer. (L-R) Lenora Lapidus, director of the Women’s Rights Project, Sara Lesch, […]

LatinaLista — What is a new video game about illegal immigration that is due to launch in November going to accomplish that countless blog posts, documentaries and news stories couldn’t? Well, for one thing, it’s going to show players of the new game ICED! I Can End Deportation that the life of an undocumented teenager […]

LatinaLista RAYMONDVILLE, TEXAS: Reports are filtering out from the Willacy County detention center in Raymondville that the 2,000 detained immigrants waiting for deportation are suffering in such bad conditions that one detainee has tried to commit suicide. Willacy County detention center

LatinaLista — The United States’ global reputation as being a World Power who sets the standard for other countries when it comes to championing the human rights of the less fortunate has officially been unmasked by a Mexican named Jorge Bustamante. UN Inspector Jorge Bustamante (Source: protocolo.com.mx) Bustamante, a distinguished professional who served as president […]

LatinaLista — In light of what has happened this week in the state of Oklahoma and the town of Farmers Branch, Texas where legal grounds have been created to help drive undocumented immigrants out of town/state, it seems talk show pundits and right-wing cable tv hosts are filling the airwaves touting the passages of these […]

LatinaLista — With each and every abuse of power that has come to light under this Administration, it’s no stretch of the imagination to think that ICE, otherwise known as Immigration Customs and Enforcement, may not be enforcing their duties as they should. In fact, from reports coming from within immigrant detention facilities, we have […]

LatinaLista — There are a few updates regarding the T. Don Hutto Residential Facility in Taylor, Texas. An eyewitness reports: The razor wire has finally come down around the perimeter fence at the T. Don Hutto prison in Taylor Texas. As I was driving down Welch Street this Thursday afternoon (1:06PM), I witnessed the last […]

LatinaLista — As we reported this morning, the Ibrahim family has been released from the T. Don Hutto Residential facility. Mrs. Ibrahim hugs her 3-year-old daughter whom she hasn’t seen in 3 months. Children hug their long-missed 3-year-old sister. The 15-year-old son, Hamzeh, is reported as having described conditions inside the facility as “really bad.” […]

LatinaLista — Today, Tyrone Williams was sentenced to life in prison for being the Grim Reaper to 19 undocumented immigrants who suffocated in the back of his 18-wheeler one hot, sweltering day while passing through Texas on the eve of summer in 2003. Tyrone Williams led away from Houston courthouse to begin serving life sentence. (Source: […]