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AMBER Alert program joins Twitter creating wider net to help find missing children

AMBER Alert program joins Twitter creating wider net to help find missing children

LatinaLista — If Amber Hagerman was alive today, she would be 26 years old. But because she was abducted on January 13, 1996, while riding her bicycle in her Arlington, Texas neighborhood, only to be found murdered two days later, she will forever be remembered as a freckle-faced 9-year-old. Yet, thanks to her, almost 600


Video: Puerto Rican astrophysicist set to inspire next generation to reach for the stars with new science show

LatinaLista — Before cosmologist Stephen Hawking captured global attention with his theories about the universe, there was another cosmologist by the name of Carl Sagan. Rivaled only by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau in making science interesting and relevant to the common person, Brooklyn-born Carl Sagan brought the wonder and mystery of the universe into people’s homes


Video: A town on the edge of nothingness has something powerful to give one troubled Latino youth

LatinaLista — Trona, California sits on the edge of nothingness. Located at the western edge of a dry lake bed in Searles Valley, just southwest of Death Valley, the small unincorporated town is overshadowed by the smokestacks of the local borax plant. The town gets its name from the mineral trona which is described as


Q&A with Molly Molloy: The Story of the Juarez Femicides is a ‘Myth’

By Christopher Hooks Texas Observer For years, a specter hung over Ciudad Juárez. In the 1990s, the largest city on the Texas-Mexico border became infamous for its gruesome “femicides” — the murders of hundreds of women. The murders, held to be predominantly mysterious and sexual in nature, grew in the public’s imagination. Juárez developed an


Intern’l Video: The páramos of Colombia highlight the fragile future of the planet’s supply of fresh water

LatinaLista — Wikipedia defines a páramo as the ecosystem of the regions above the continuous forest line, yet below the permanent snowline. It is a ‘Neotropical high mountain biome with a vegetation composed mainly of giant rosette plants, shrubs and grasses.’ According to scientists, páramos may be ‘evolutionary hot spots’ and among the fastest evolving