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Study shows Hispanic Adult Millennials who drink, do it for fun.

Study shows Hispanic Adult Millennials who drink, do it for fun.

Insight Tr3s St. Patrick’s Day, one of America’s booziest holidays, is next week. When it comes to drinking, what are Hispanic young adults’ preferences and habits? Tr3s has delved into its soon-to-be-released study of Hispanic Adult Millennials (ages 19-34), as well as Simmons data, to learn more about how they’re consuming alcohol. Here are some


Intrn’l Video: Colombian comedy underscores there’s more than one sueño in playing futbol

LatinaLista — For those futbol lovers in South America for whom playing in the World Cup is a sueño, it always begins with bolaetrapo (Rag Ball). Director Guillermo Iván’s Colombian comedy “Bolaetrapo” sets the stage for a story about one player named Nutria and his unfortunate accident during a final match of the bolaetrapo world


Video: Foster care reform includes looking at the facts and acting — not reacting

LatinaLista — With 50 different child welfare organizations in the country, not one of the 50 is reported to be working well, according to Molly McGrath Tierney, director for the Baltimore City Department of Social Services. It is a crisis that McGrath Tierney has tried to address for the past several years in her efforts

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National HerWorld® Month celebrates the future potential of high school girls choosing STEM careers

LatinaLista — March, otherwise known as Women’s History Month, is celebrated by remembering how far women have come and where we’ve arrived today. Yet, not enough attention is paid to where we hope our daughters will be tomorrow. For many who are evaluating the job prospects of the future, job stability — which some argue


Keeping the familia safe while ridding cucarachas & weeds calls for better choices in household chemicals

By Nicole Hernández Hammer LatinaLista As a child, I remember how happy my mother was when our cousin Panchito, a pest-control worker, would stop by our house and spray the house and yard for free. He’d come often and we’d walk with him and chat as he targeted all the usual bug-hiding places, and then