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Intrn’l Video: Rural Colombian town fights Canadian gold mining company for survival

Intrn’l Video: Rural Colombian town fights Canadian gold mining company for survival

LatinaLista — Indigenous and rural people throughout the Americas have long been under constant threat of attack against their way of life since the days of the Spanish conquistadores. What used to be outright murder and enslavement has evolved into displacing them or endangering their health when seizing their lands for drilling, mining or deforestation.


Video: Faced with high odds against academic success, six Latino teens seize control of their lives — and do it!

LatinaLista — For a lot of Latino teens, going to school can be just as much of a challenge as succeeding. For those who are low-income, first or second-generation, undocumented, live in neighborhoods where gang violence and recruitment are the norm, attend overcrowded schools with indifferent faculty and can’t envision a future for themselves, it’s


Viernes Video: Filmmaker creates mini-film about the plight of migrant farmworker children

LatinaLista — The plight of migrant farm workers has never gotten the full attention it deserves. No matter that the only reason the nation is able to enjoy the convenience of having fruits and vegetables at our neighborhood markets is because of the backbreaking work of these men, women — and children hunched over in


New “Test of Latino Culture” shows Latinos lag behind non-Latino peers when acing the test

LatinaLista — Dr. Edward T. Rincón, a research psychologist, has conducted numerous studies about non-Latinos’ perceptions of the Hispanic community. He’s come to one conclusion: According to our past studies, the typical American does not understand Latinos very well… To help people realize just how much they don’t understand Latinos, Dr. Rincón has created what


Latina inventor puts a new ‘edge’ to the traditional favorite empanada

By Juan Miret LatinaLista Who would have thought that the delicious Latin American – okay, and Spanish too! – turnovers, better known as empanadas, filled with meat, seafood, vegetables, cheeses and a never-ending list of ingredientes could be reinvented? And I am not talking about changing the frying or baking of this popular Latino street


Intrn’l Video: Riding the monster waves of Praia do Norte, Portugal — from a safe distance

LatinaLista — On October 28, 2013, people the world over were glued to their televisions and mobile device screens watching waves, some measuring up to 100 feet, pound Praia do Norte on the coast of Portugal as a result of an Atlantic storm. It wasn’t so much the frothy tipped sea-green sheets of water rising