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New organization launches to help more Latinas realize their political dreams

New organization launches to help more Latinas realize their political dreams

LatinaLista — Latinas stand at 25 million strong in the nation. By 2050, it’s estimated that Latinas will comprise 15 percent of the total population — a sizable portion who, unless things change at the ballot box, will remain as one of the largest groups underrepresented among elected leaders. Currently, Latinas have made very small

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New site strives to be one-stop resource for fighting Latino childhood obesity

LatinaLista — No longer can parents delude themselves into thinking that the huggable baby fat encasing their adorable kindergartner with the plump, dimpled cheeks will just disappear with age. A recent study released by Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health found, unfortunately, that likely won’t happen. Researchers discovered that overweight kindergarteners were four times as


Obesity, poor lifestyle and food choices can put Latinos on path to cancer diagnosis

LatinaLista — Usually when there is a group effort to combat a particular disease or medical issue, there is good news to report. Just look at how far the global community has come in addressing HIV/AIDS. Though the disease is not eradicated, strides have been made ever since that first World Aids Day. Unfortunately, the


Multi-million dollar scholarship movement launches granting “The Dream” to more DREAMers

LatinaLista — According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 15 state legislatures have passed in-state tuition for undocumented students. What that means is that students who grew up believing they were just like their elementary and high school classmates can actually be just like their college classmates and pay the same rate of in-state


Video: Understanding the special needs of siblings of special-needs children

LatinaLista — In 2010, a little over 5 percent of school-aged children were identified as having special needs, usually referring to mental or physical disabilities. Yet, in reality, special needs children can embody any child that requires more than the average amount of parenting. Whether that child has Downs Syndrome or is a drug addict,


New environmental poll reveals Latinos care as intensely about the issue as immigration reform

LatinaLista — According to a new survey, Latinos care as intensely about climate change as getting immigration reform passed through Congress. Conducted by Latino Decisions on behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the poll reveals that even across party lines, Latinos recognize that the future looks pretty bleak for themselves and their children if