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Too many Latino students battle low expectations from their teachers

Too many Latino students battle low expectations from their teachers

LatinaLista — A new education study released by the Center for American Progress only reinforces what parents, researchers and students have long known — a teacher’s low expectation of her/his students goes a long way in impacting the self-esteem and future success of those students. The Power of the Pygmalion Effect followed a national representative


New teen pregnancy survey shatters stereotype expectations of Latino parents

LatinaLista — Being known as a stereotype is the bane of existence for Latinos everywhere. Some examples are: All Latino boys are gang members. All Latinos speak Spanish. All Latinos come from Mexico. All Latinos are Catholics…the list goes on. One particularly troubling stereotype that everyone, even some in the Latino community, bought into was


Guest Voz: Educating Latinas on why not all breast cancers are curable

By Venus Ginés LatinaLista   It’s a growing responsibility for all of us. As medicine and science advance, it is incumbent upon all of us to advocate for the health and well-being of all. For the last 17 years, Día de la Mujer Latina* has worked to achieve that goal, especially for Latinas. Sadly, despite


Another example of how education isn’t the great equalizer for many Latinos

LatinaLista — Yesterday, Latina Lista posted a story of the study that found community college graduates (of whom the majority are Latino) were less likely to be admitted to medical school. In talking to one of the authors of the study, UCLA Dr. Efrain Talamantes, he supplied one more interesting fact of his research. He


New study finds Latino community college graduates less likely to be admitted to medical school

LatinaLista — Latino students with big sueños, but not a lot of dinero, have traditionally opted to start their journey into higher ed at the community college. With costs at public 4-year colleges averaging $18,391 — and private nonprofit 4-year colleges ringing in at $40,917 — it’s no wonder Latinos make up the majority of