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Video: Futurist Juan Enriquez asks viewers to consider seeing social media as the new tattoo

Video: Futurist Juan Enriquez asks viewers to consider seeing social media as the new tattoo

LatinaLista — What does big data, tattoos and immortality have in common? They are the elements of an eye-opening TEDx talk delivered by Futurist Juan Enriquez. Enriquez is used to thinking about the broader picture and in this particular talk he challenges listeners to take a fresh look at today’s social media, its capabilities and

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Video: New PBS/Univision documentary reveals the sexual abuse of nation’s female migrant farmworkers

LatinaLista — Farmwork is hard enough. Being a migrant farmworker — subjected to the whims of a “profit-first, workers-last” employer mentality can be life-threatening, but being a female migrant farmworker, well, there are no words to describe the horror of what that can mean. Add “undocumented” in the mix and for many women it means


Survey finds low-income children more likely to watch TV than read a book

LatinaLista — A person, no matter how old they are, can count on their fingers to help them add and subtract but there’s no body part that can be used to help someone read. Reading comes from recognizing letters, knowing their sounds and putting it all together to form words and sentences — skills that

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Young Latino embarks on a dream to create the next fashion trend

By Juan Miret LatinaLista Seeing Carlos Angon reminds one that today´s immigrants in Oklahoma have an incredible impact on the economic development and cultural diversity. He represents the new ´Okie´ face, a face that reflects both old traditions and new memories. He is part of the millennium generation, a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs and innovators


Murdered Costa Rican environmental crusader’s death still unsolved and cries for justice getting globally louder

By Jaclyn Lopez LatinaLista “They brutally murdered our companion Jairo, but, in honor of his fight, we will sprout ten Jairos more,” read the flyer at a peace vigil for Jairo Mora Sandoval. Jairo was born in 1987 in the Caribbean coastal town of Limón, Costa Rica. He was interested in sea turtles from a