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Young people challenged to live the next 50 days without violence in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

LatinaLista — Today, April 4, marks the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As in years past, his life and message of nonviolence will be honored, remembered and talked about but, unlike past anniversary observances, it will serve as the premise for a specific challenge to today’s young people — abstain

Multilingual survey reveals immigrants deserve to be heard

LatinaLista — For a nation of immigrants like the United States, it’s not surprising that each ethnic group has its own set of concerns that they see impact their families and themselves. Yet, because of language or immigration status, many times their opinions get overlooked in the usual phone surveys used to gauge such opinions.

New CDC study shows Latina teen moms more likely to have a second birth though they know how to prevent it

LatinaLista — The first time a teenage girl gets pregnant it can truthfully be called an accident but a second, third or fourth time? A new analysis by the Centers for Disease Control reveals that while everyone can celebrate the fact that there’s a decline in teen birth rates, the same can’t be said for

New report highlights 27 occupations that meet the needs of at-risk youth

LatinaLista — Next month, First Lady Michelle Obama will return to her hometown of Chicago to address various business and community leaders concerned with the increasing rise in violence among the Windy City’s youth. The White House reports that Mrs. Obama will be asking the audience to invest in ‘expanded opportunities’ for youth across Chicago.

President Obama: I want to sign that (immigration) bill into law as soon as possible

LatinaLista — Immigration makes us a stronger. It keeps us vibrant. It keeps us hungry. It keeps us prosperous. It is part of what makes this such a dynamic country. And if we want to keep attracting the best and the brightest that the world has to offer, then we need to do a better