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Keeping the familia safe while ridding cucarachas & weeds calls for better choices in household chemicals

Keeping the familia safe while ridding cucarachas & weeds calls for better choices in household chemicals

By Nicole Hernández Hammer LatinaLista As a child, I remember how happy my mother was when our cousin Panchito, a pest-control worker, would stop by our house and spray the house and yard for free. He’d come often and we’d walk with him and chat as he targeted all the usual bug-hiding places, and then


Young Latinas with eating disorders keeping pace with peers

LatinaLista — Drastic weight loss. Preoccupation with counting calories. The need to weigh yourself several times a day. Excessive exercise. Binge eating or purging. Food rituals, like taking tiny bites, skipping food groups or re-arranging food on the plate. Avoiding meals or only wanting to eat alone. Taking laxatives or diuretics. Smoking to curb appetite.


Video: Time-lapse filmmaker unlocks key to a beauty that inspires gratitude

LatinaLista — Louie Schwartzberg is a cinematographer, photographer, filmmaker and — grateful. His work of the past 30 years of shooting time-lapse photography has opened a door into Nature that before Schwartzberg, and his peers, no one had the key to unlock. Now, everyone has the privilege of seeing beauty that has always existed but


Video: Actor Esai Morales takes Hollywood and Latinos to task

LatinaLista — It’s easy to blame Hollywood for the lack of Latino representation in film and television. And while “Hollywood” does bear the blame for not showcasing Latino talent that is more in line with the rising demographic, so too must Latinos be accountable, according to popular La Bamba actor Esai Morales. In the featured


New organization launches to help more Latinas realize their political dreams

LatinaLista — Latinas stand at 25 million strong in the nation. By 2050, it’s estimated that Latinas will comprise 15 percent of the total population — a sizable portion who, unless things change at the ballot box, will remain as one of the largest groups underrepresented among elected leaders. Currently, Latinas have made very small