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LatinaLista — Immigration enforcement is not an issue that can just be reduced to the black and white rationale of being the “law of the land.” Though it’s true that immigration enforcement entails finding people who are in the country illegally and deporting them back to their native countries, it’s much more complicated than that. […]

LatinaLista — While all Latino parents want to see their children succeed in school, not all recognize the signs that point to learning disabilities. Even worse, they may not know where to find information that can help them and their children — especially Spanish-speaking parents. This week, the National Center for Learning Disabilities made their website’s […]

LatinaLista — Family separation caused by parents divorcing are usually the hardest on children. Sometimes separation within a family leads a child to act out their frustration, anger and loneliness in ways that aren’t always appropriate behavior. Yet the remaining adult in the household is barely equipped to handle the change in the family, let […]

LatinaLista — Halloween is only 11 days away and as any kid knows it’s much more than just dressing up in costume — it’s all about the trick-or-treating! Unfortunately, it’s reported that Halloween is a deadly time for trick-or-treaters. Twice as many child pedestrians are killed from 4-10 p.m. while walking on Halloween compared to […]

LatinaLista — A delegation of women leaders from over two dozen national human rights organizations traveled to Georgia to spend today and tomorrow speaking out against the recent anti-immigrant laws passed in that state. The women, part of the We Belong Together delegation, plan not only on speaking out against the inhumane bill but listening too. […]

LatinaLista — There is no issue that is borderless or as universal in its appeal than the plight of mothers and their children in developing countries. We saw that during the recent high-profile coverage of the Somali women and children starving to death in refugee camps. Yet, an issue just as important as hunger is pregnancy. […]

LatinaLista — Life is tough being a single mom but being a single Latina mom is even tougher. Forget about all the stereotypical talk of the great family support network that exists in Latino families. The fact remains that single motherhood, especially for the teen moms, takes on additional hardship when it’s bundled with low-income […]

LatinaLista — For many Latino families, the notion of higher education for their children, or themselves, can seem out of reach. Yet, a new bilingual website, En Camino: Herramientas educativas para familias/On our Way: Educational tools for families, sponsored by The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) provides the necessary information that can make it […]

LatinaLista — Literacy. It’s a word that gauges the future success of our children in school. Children who have an appreciation of reading and learn the basics of sounding out words go on to have success in school. Children who aren’t exposed to books and don’t grasp those early lessons are doomed to feel self-conscious, […]

By Angie Washington Latina Lista COCHABAMBA, BOLIVIA — Pity is the lazy cousin of compassion. A small girl sits on a swing. Not a week has passed since she was removed from an abusive situation and put in the orphanage. Her feet are covered in sores. She must be carried from place to place. One […]