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New multicultural scholarship for women strives to increase diversity in medicine

LatinaLista — With the rising numbers of Latinos uninsured in this country and the growing list of challenging illnesses facing Latinos like: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, skin cancer, glaucoma, cervical cancer, etc., it makes for a disturbing picture when it’s realized that so few Latinos are in the healthcare profession. According to MinorityNurse,

Walmart to sell products from women-run businesses in developing nations

LatinaLista — Ever since the practice of “micro loans” was made popular in helping women entrepreneurs in developing nations establish their businesses, the products they made didn’t travel far out of their neighborhoods. Yet, with technology, the sophistication of business consortiums pooling aspiring entrepreneurs together and the increasing sense that big businesses must have a social

New campaign strives to make healthy pregnancies and safe births a basic global right

LatinaLista — There is no issue that is borderless or as universal in its appeal than the plight of mothers and their children in developing countries. We saw that during the recent high-profile coverage of the Somali women and children starving to death in refugee camps. Yet, an issue just as important as hunger is pregnancy.