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New campaign strives to make healthy pregnancies and safe births a basic global right

LatinaLista – There is no issue that is borderless or as universal in its appeal than the plight of mothers and their children in developing countries. We saw that during the recent high-profile coverage of the Somali women and children starving to death in refugee camps. Yet, an issue just as important as hunger is pregnancy.

Hispanic Women Bring Beauty Bar to Pensacola

By Joslyn Rosado La Costa Latina PENSACOLA, FL — Beauty, fashion and fitness are brought to Pensacola in the form of a bar by two Hispanic women. Bonnielee Cuevas, Puerto Rican and Dominican, along with sister Jandy Tineo, Dominican, opened Pink Couture Life Headquarters and Beauty Bar in downtown Pensacola on Aug. 2. “I’ve been

Indigent women of Latin America blaze new trails for themselves, their families and countries

LatinaLista — Inequality between women and men still exists in greater degrees in South America than they do anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere. A review of any telenovela makes the disparity between the sexes immediately apparent and underscores how social attitudes towards women in South America lag behind those of the United States. As