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With so many Latinas at-risk for diabetes, too many never find out until it’s too late

With so many Latinas at-risk for diabetes, too many never find out until it’s too late

LatinaLista — The recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association revealing that efforts to reduce childhood obesity were working was offset by the disappointing news that the other end of the age spectrum now warranted attention. The study found that women 60 years and older are getting fatter. Their rate of obesity


New organization launches to help more Latinas realize their political dreams

LatinaLista — Latinas stand at 25 million strong in the nation. By 2050, it’s estimated that Latinas will comprise 15 percent of the total population — a sizable portion who, unless things change at the ballot box, will remain as one of the largest groups underrepresented among elected leaders. Currently, Latinas have made very small


Q&A with Molly Molloy: The Story of the Juarez Femicides is a ‘Myth’

By Christopher Hooks Texas Observer For years, a specter hung over Ciudad Juárez. In the 1990s, the largest city on the Texas-Mexico border became infamous for its gruesome “femicides” — the murders of hundreds of women. The murders, held to be predominantly mysterious and sexual in nature, grew in the public’s imagination. Juárez developed an


The current state of Latinas point to a mixed future

By Mareshah Jackson Center for American Progress Latinas are a growing and influential constituency in the United States. The Latina share of the female population in the United States will increase from 16.4 percent today to 25.7 percent in 2050. Latinas are making significant strides in education, participation, health, and other areas, but there is


Guest Voz: Pregnancy Discrimination — Far From a Thing of the Past

By Amy Tannenbaum National Women’s Law Center Today is Halloween and I’m likely dressed up as Rosie the Riveter – but more importantly, it’s the 35th anniversary of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). The PDA amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include a prohibition on employment discrimination due to pregnancy,