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New campaign launched during Fashion Week raises awareness of the plight of returning female veterans

LatinaLista — There are more than 1.8 million women veterans — the highest number in American history. Yet, resources and support services for these women when they return to civilian life after being deployed remains insufficient and inefficient. These women, who leave their children, spouses and families behind, to serve in some of the most

Teaching ESL abroad creates new opportunities for adventure for one Latina abuela

LatinaLista   Teaching English in the “other” Iraq, Patricia Hernandez finds assimilation into the local culture made easy because of her bicultural and bilingual background. Patricia Hernandez is proof that the spirit of adventure isn’t just reserved for the young. This 53-year-old California grandmother of three decided to venture out of her comfort zone and

Spotlight Non-profit: Promoting mental health and physical exercise helps families “Get-Right!”

LatinaLista — Physical health is all the rage these days, spearheaded by the First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” campaign. Yet, as much as people devote time to exercise, not enough think about their mental health. When it comes to families and their hectic schedules, both aspects of health get put on the backburner, in the hopes