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Video: A short introduction to Latin American Women Artists of 1915-1995

Video: A short introduction to Latin American Women Artists of 1915-1995

LatinaLista — Frida Kahlo is perhaps the most recognizable name among Latin American women artists who ever lived — but she is far from the only one. Rather than be seen as the definitive Latin American woman artist, a special exhibit in 1995 highlighted a range of such female artists spanning the years 1915-1995. “Latin American

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New apps help women of color close the gap in accessing life-saving cancer information

LatinaLista — In 2010, the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge was launched to spur creativity among developers to come up with apps that would solve issues in the healthcare field. One such issue has been the unequal access to healthcare information and treatment between women of color and Anglo women. Research has shown that Latinas and


Embroidery Collective Gives Voice to Mexico’s Victims of Gender-Based Killings

By Mayela Sanchez Global Press Institute A group of mostly women remember victims of gender-based killings by embroidering their stories on handkerchiefs and displaying them at local demonstrations and events. There were more than 34,000 feminicides in Mexico from 1985 to 2009. Performing a traditional craft that requires time and patience, the embroiderers say they

Colorado creates Spanish-language site educating Latinas about unintended pregnancies

LatinaLista — For most young women, an unintended pregnancy is devastating news, especially if that young woman has already dreamt of college and career success. While having a baby doesn’t make those dreams unattainable, a baby in the house does make those dreams harder and take longer to achieve. Studies have shown that sometimes it

University study reveals nation’s most well-known companies turn a blind eye to gender diversity in the boardroom and management

LatinaLista — A casual GOOGLE search using the terms “lack of diversity” yields some disappointing headlines: 113th Congress: Lack of Diversity in the GOP is Reflected in Congress Lack of diversity in new Washington (State)legislature Lack of diversity among Ky. elected; both parties must do soul-searching FCC Study Shows Lack of Diversity in Station Ownership


Forbes includes several Latinas in their annual “World’s Most 100 Powerful Women”

LatinaLista — Everyone likes lists. The curiosity to see who is #1 or falls in the Top Ten is the subject of many water cooler/online chat conversations. Forbes magazine has just released the World’s Most 100 Powerful Women. The irony shouldn’t be lost that among the 21 women who dropped off the list this year