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Coalition launches bilingual site to end the silence in Latino community about sex ed, birth control and teen parenting

Coalition launches bilingual site to end the silence in Latino community about sex ed, birth control and teen parenting

LatinaLista — Unlike most American demographics, Latino families don’t necessarily see teen pregnancy as a bad thing. The idea of it “takes a village to raise a child” has been a concept in practice for many generations in Latino families, especially so if the parents are teens. This isn’t to say that the teens’ parents


New survey shows most teens and young adults stay too long in abusive relationships

LatinaLista — Young love can be a beautiful experience — unless one person in the relationship is an abuser. And even then, according to a new Mary Kay study, teens would rather suffer abuse in the name of “love” rather than call it quits. In the 2014 Mary Kay Truth About Abuse Survey, 500 young


Survey shows Latino youth increasingly disillusioned with politics

LatinaLista — The majority of young people in the country don’t believe elected officials take them and their concerns seriously, according to a new study released by the Black Youth Project. In Democracy Remixed: Black Youth and the Future of American Politics, Latino youth (49 percent) appeared to be the most disenchanted with our politicians,


New teen pregnancy survey shatters stereotype expectations of Latino parents

LatinaLista — Being known as a stereotype is the bane of existence for Latinos everywhere. Some examples are: All Latino boys are gang members. All Latinos speak Spanish. All Latinos come from Mexico. All Latinos are Catholics…the list goes on. One particularly troubling stereotype that everyone, even some in the Latino community, bought into was

J. Mendoza, 3rd Place Winner, ages 10-13

Migrant farmworker children share their dreams and perspectives in winning artwork and essays

LatinaLista — It is estimated that as many as 500,000 children work harvesting and picking the nation’s crops in farm fields from Michigan to California. They and their families are the migrant farmers. Since children from the age of 12 can legally work for an unlimited number of hours outside of school in fields and

juvenile offenders

New study shows delinquent Latina teens suffer highest rate of violent death among all juvenile offenders

LatinaLista — Juvenile delinquents already have several marks against them by the time they’re put into detention but a new study from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine found, that upon their release, these children’s future is far likelier to have a deadly ending. Delinquent juveniles have a greater chance of dying a violent death,