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Study: New Generation Latinos continue to be high users of technology

Study: New Generation Latinos continue to be high users of technology

Insight TR3S It’s no secret that young Latinos are big fans of technology. For a group that’s always on the go, cost-conscious, and highly social with friends and family near and far, they are very proficient at making the most of whatever technology is available to them. In 2012, Tr3s partnered with Motivo Insights and


Viernes Video: BABYGIRL — When mijas have to grow up too fast

LatinaLista — A common complaint of young girls, especially Latinas, these days is that they are growing up too fast — dressing beyond their years, dating too early and having children before their time. Yet, in some families, young girls are forced to grow up too fast. They’re forced to when their own parents aren’t mature


Study validates effective use of texts and online chats to reach Latino youth’s urgent questions about sex and reproductive health

LatinaLista — For the last few years, as mobile technology became a more widely used tool in our daily lives, study after study has highlighted the fact that the most avid users of mobile are young people. Among young people, Latino youth lead the pack in usage. Three characteristics – youth, money and education –


Latina teens more likely to be haunted by depression and thoughts of suicide

By Ruxandra Guidi LatinaLista Aurora Uc lives with her parents and younger sister in a working-class apartment complex in Alhambra, Eastern Los Angeles, home to many other immigrant families. Sitting on the carpet of her living room, Aurora looks like a typical teenager: She’s wearing colorful pajama pants and a t-shirt, a ring on each


Latina at the wheel: Changing NASCAR one race at a time

By Juan Miret LatinaLista Latinos have risen to places of prominence in every walk of life in the United States, from politics, industry, and education to entertainment, journalism, and yes, car racing too. Kendell Lopez is part of a new generation that is building a successful future, while inspiring others, regardless of humble beginnings and