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LatinaLista — One of the few statistics that actually creates pride among most Latinos is the one that makes it clear Latinos are the “trendsetters in digital.” The term ‘early adopter’ has long been used to describe our collective fascination with technology. According to Nielsen’s Digital Consumer Report, Latinos own more digital devices and spend […]

LatinaLista — Though the presidential election is done and decided, many people are still questioning the vote. Like who voted, who didn’t vote, who voted in 2008 but didn’t vote last week. A new infographic lays out the answers to these questions in easy-to-see detail and underscores that elections of the future will not only […]

LatinaLista — Since so many readers were having difficulty enlarging the infographic on the LL Facebook page, I’ve decided to create a post featuring it. It really is an interesting snapshot of just how quickly technology has transformed our world. Regardless of the claims that social media isolates people, we now know that’s not the […]

By Richard Lakin CSRwire In the past year, the ability of digital media to promote social change has been amply proven by the Arab Spring, WikiLeaks, and the Occupy movement. We saw this start a few years ago in Iran, but in the last 12-14 months there has been an even more robust and growing […]

By Martha Ramos LatinaLista MEXICO CITY — Last saturday, an earthquake shook 10 states in Mexico. It was the worst earthquake in 10 years, but at least Mexico City is prepared for that. After the big destruction caused by the 1985 earthquake, there have been a lot of changes — different ways to protect people, […]

El Tiempo Hispano Catholic Relief Services (CRS), one of the largest faith-based international aid organizations in the United States and one of the world’s foremost agencies for humanitarian aid and disaster relief, further enhanced its outreach efforts to U.S. Hispanics. Through an updated digital platform, CRS will offer Hispanics a better way to connect with […]

LatinaLista — With every natural disaster, juicy celebrity gossip or disruptive political happening, the role of social media takes on greater importance. Yet, there are two other things people do online that overshadow the popularity of social media — send and check email and use search engines. That’s according to the latest study by the […]

LatinaLista — The United States isn’t the only country that has problems with its teachers’ unions. In Mexico, the national teachers’ union — The National Syndicate of Educational Workers — has garnered so much power over the years that a new national campaign to improve the country’s educational policies is calling the union out on […]

LatinaLista — The November 2008 murder of Marcelo Lucero on Long Island, New York by a group of teens shocked everyone for its brutality and senselessness. The notion that these kids hunted Marcelo for sport can’t help but disgust rational minds and cause people to take a fresh look at how hate-filled crimes impact their […]

LatinaLista — The plea appearing on the Latina Lista Facebook page this week was simple: Will you PLEASE help us bring to light and expose this unjust and unfair treatment of U.S.Military Veterans.THANK YOU. The person who posted it was Hector Lopez, a U.S. military veteran. Lopez left a link along with his request. Following […]

LatinaLista — In many ways, the publishing industry has been like the proverbial canary in the mines. Long before the economy started tanking, publishers, from newspapers to books, noticed that people were changing their reading habits and becoming more frugal with their dollars. While it wasn’t good news for publishers, it was even worse news […]