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New service targeting Latino market puts twist on cyber shout-outs

New service targeting Latino market puts twist on cyber shout-outs

LatinaLista — We all know social media has had the same impact on society as did the invention of the printing press. For the first time since the printing press’ invention, news (of any sort) reaches people regardless of geography, time of day and even language. For the end-user, social media is a godsend in


Latino iPhone users high-risk for going over data plans and it’s Facebook’s fault

LatinaLista — One of the few statistics that actually creates pride among most Latinos is the one that makes it clear Latinos are the “trendsetters in digital.” The term ‘early adopter’ has long been used to describe our collective fascination with technology. According to Nielsen’s Digital Consumer Report, Latinos own more digital devices and spend

In the history of social media, Latinos play a big part

LatinaLista — Since so many readers were having difficulty enlarging the infographic on the LL Facebook page, I’ve decided to create a post featuring it. It really is an interesting snapshot of just how quickly technology has transformed our world. Regardless of the claims that social media isolates people, we now know that’s not the

Latina blogger launches bilingual e-book detailing “A Simple Start to Blogging with Social Media”

LatinaLista — In 2004, when I created Latina Lista, blogs were the epitome of social media. For the first time, people could share what was happening in their lives, what they thought about politics, give their professional insights, speak out against injustice or just recount what they ate for lunch that day. Back then, I