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Over 47,000 join Facebook group to show undocumented immigrant life is worth living

LatinaLista — The premise for the site PostSecret is simple enough. People anonymously mail in their secrets on the back of postcards. After reading the scanned postcards on the site, it’s easy to see why these people want to remain anonymous, but there is one postcard that has not only captured attention but hearts too.

“Not in Our Town” site shows communities how to fight back against hate crimes

LatinaLista — The November 2008 murder of Marcelo Lucero on Long Island, New York by a group of teens shocked everyone for its brutality and senselessness. The notion that these kids hunted Marcelo for sport can’t help but disgust rational minds and cause people to take a fresh look at how hate-filled crimes impact their

Deported military veterans plead to be classified as “non-citizen nationals”

LatinaLista — The plea appearing on the Latina Lista Facebook page this week was simple: Will you PLEASE help us bring to light and expose this unjust and unfair treatment of U.S.Military Veterans.THANK YOU. The person who posted it was Hector Lopez, a U.S. military veteran. Lopez left a link along with his request. Following

Special project creates New Year challenge: Envision a 2020 headline

LatinaLista — Everybody has an idea of what they want to work towards in their lives, or what should be accomplished in their countries and even in the world. When we envision goals for ourselves at this time of the year, it’s called resolutions. When we envision what we’d like to see our country or

One woman uses the power of blogs and social media to create Latino virtual book tours

LatinaLista — In many ways, the publishing industry has been like the proverbial canary in the mines. Long before the economy started tanking, publishers, from newspapers to books, noticed that people were changing their reading habits and becoming more frugal with their dollars. While it wasn’t good news for publishers, it was even worse news