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Video: Couture designer makes caring for the environment runway chic

Video: Couture designer makes caring for the environment runway chic

LatinaLista — Nancy Judd is a couture fashion designer. Her designs are included in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection. She has been featured on the frontpage of the Wall Street Journal. Her couture designs routinely are included in traveling exhibits across the country and her work has received international media coverage. There’s a reason why this


Video: 2.5 million children later, One Laptop Per Child is transforming not only children but whole countries

LatinaLista — In 2005, the acronym OLPC burst onto the tech/social good scene garnering headlines for its lofty mission — provide One Laptop Per Child to poor children throughout the world. Since that announcement, OLPC has put a special, break-proof laptop into the hands of 2.5 million children, in over 60 countries and in 21


Video: Hawaiian judge creates new program for parolees that gives HOPE they won’t return behind bars

LatinaLista — The penal system is big business in the United States, especially when most of the inmates go through the revolving door. Those released on probation usually find themselves back behind bars after violating their probations – at some point. Most court systems will admit that keeping ex-cons accountable to their probation officers –


Video: Mexican-born artist uses traditional cloths as canvasses to show resilience of female spirit

LatinaLista — Mexican-born artist Andrea Arroyo is known for celebrating the resilience of the human spirit in her distinctive works and so it made perfect sense that her latest exhibit, “Memories Interlaced,” which closed on January 31, 2014, would be held in a place with such historical significance. The Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz


Intrn’l Video: U.S. entrepreneur has sights set on being the ‘Comic King of Guatemala’

LatinaLista — There are a lot of things Guatemala can boast of having that most other countries can’t: a rich Mayan heritage, ancient pyramids, lush rainforests and landscapes and distinctive traditional dress and foods. Yet, there was still something missing from the country — a comic book shop. Or so that was the case before


Video: Understanding the special needs of siblings of special-needs children

LatinaLista — In 2010, a little over 5 percent of school-aged children were identified as having special needs, usually referring to mental or physical disabilities. Yet, in reality, special needs children can embody any child that requires more than the average amount of parenting. Whether that child has Downs Syndrome or is a drug addict,