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The justification of an Arizona boycott is as clear as a bill that singles out Latinos

LatinaLista — Every day the list of city councils and organizations that either call or plan to boycott Arizona keeps growing. The (Washington) D.C. Council waded into the fight over illegal immigration today, as all 13 members sponsored a bill forbidding the police chief from sharing arrest data with federal immigration officials and also announced

Guest Voz: Economic investment in Mexico is key to stemming illegal immigration

By Dr. Bill Hing LatinaLista — Dr. Bill Hing is a Professor of Law at the University of San Francisco and Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Davis. He teaches Judicial Process, Negotiations, Public Service Strategies, Asian American Legal History, and directs the law school clinical program. Throughout his career, he has pursued social

When it comes to “going green” Latinos get the message loud and clear

LatinaLista — A new survey reveals that Latinos have embraced the concept of “going green.” Of all the ethnic groups, Latinos rank the highest when it comes to being in tune to the planet, according to the survey Eco Pulse. Of course, this same survey revealed that most people buy green products as a way

New AARP report underscores the value of family to Latinos, even in a bad economy

LatinaLista — It’s been reported that Latinos have been disproportionately affected by the nation’s recession more than other groups. Well, a new study jointly released by AARP and the National Hispana Leadership Institute reveals just exactly who among Latinos is bearing the brunt of the poor economy — and why. According to Recession Takes Toll

Three Mexican guestworkers find doing things legally incurs a high cost

LatinaLista — When Marlen Guadalupe Landeros Covarrubias, Sandivel Villanueva Flores and Rita Dorali Curiel Sandoval decided to leave their native Mexico and come to the United States to work, they wanted to do it the right way. They decided to come as temporary migrant guestworkers to work for the North Carolina-based seafood company Captain Charlie’s