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New study finds wage differences between Mexican immigrants and undocumented Mexican immigrants

LatinaLista — The authors of a new study have found that if there is a choice for Mexican immigrants to either choose California or Texas as their final destination, they’re better off choosing Texas. The authors of Cost of Being a Mexican Immigrant and Being a Mexican Non-Citizen in California and Texas, published by Sage

NASCAR revving up to attract more Latino fans

LatinaLista — When it comes to being the target of advertising, being Latina/o sometimes feels like Britney Spears’ song “Piece of Me.” The latest industry to suddenly realize the buying potential of the Latino market is, of all industries, NASCAR. (Source: Businessweek) Now it ‘s long been known, at least among the Latino community, that

Economy’s meltdown is new version of 9-11. So why isn’t Congress uniting behind this President?

LatinaLista — Finally, after two months, Congresswoman Hilda Solis has been confirmed as the nation’s new Labor Secretary. Of all the Cabinet positions in Obama’s administration, Solis was the last one to be confirmed who was an original Obama selection. New Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis Her confirmation was opposed by 17 versus 80 who

Spotlight: LA Times deciphers Mexico’s drug war in multimedia detail

LatinaLista — We’ve all run into people, whom just by their body language and how they reply to our questions, immediately trigger our gut instincts to the possibility that they are lying, or at the least, being purposely misleading. I had never felt that feeling as strongly as when I happened to have a particular

The road to corporate success proves to be a straight but challenging path

A childhood interest in cars lead Grace Lieblein into a lifelong automotive career developing the cars of tomorrow and trailblazing a corporate path for Latinas and all women. LatinaLista — Cars have always held a fascination for 48-year-old Grace Lieblein, president of Mexico City’s General Motors division. Growing up in the greater Los Angeles area,