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The video game industry needs to be accountable for perpetuating negative stereotypes

LatinaLista — It’s accepted fact that media has a role in shaping the public perception of ethnic groups. In fact, if it weren’t for those early television shows that depicted Native Americans as always on the warpath, Asians as submissive servants, Latinos as heavy accented newly arrived immigrants, and African Americans as a pace behind

The undocumented who refuse to desert a bad U.S. economy are already paying a price to stay here

LatinaLista — News reports since November have chronicled the reverse migration, if you will, of undocumented immigrants back to their home countries from the U.S. Whether it’s because of the deteriorating economy or harsher immigration enforcement measures, some consulates across the country have noted an upswing in applications by their citizens to take their belongings

Wal-Mart takes Latino cultural sensitivity to new level with bilingual site

LatinaLista — Though most of the major retailers aren’t releasing their holiday sales figures until January, there is one retailer who is rumored to be leading the pack —  Wal Mart. Hardly surprising news since the Goliath chain is known for their deep discounts but when it comes to reaching the Latino market, Wal Mart

Cooking up success comes easy with passion, persistence and faith

Restaurant entrepreneur Amelia Contreras sees adversity as opportunity and proves it with three successful eateries. LatinaLista — Most people would think twice about starting a new business during hard economic times, but restaurant entrepreneur Amelia Contreras knows firsthand how adversity can prove to be a recipe for success. Restaurant entrepreneur Amelia Contreras Standing just shy