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New federal data reveals there’s a reason why more Latinos and Blacks aren’t realizing the dream of home ownership

New federal data reveals there’s a reason why more Latinos and Blacks aren’t realizing the dream of home ownership

LatinaLista — Diversity is a concept everyone understands but it’s a practice that (surprisingly) is getting more pushback these days than ever before. From Silicon Valley to mainstream media newsrooms, diversity is increasingly having a polarizing effect on people rather than being seen as a stepping stone to a more inclusive society. In their series

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24 hours before the U.S. officially becomes a majority “Multicultural Nation”

LatinaLista — The popular saying, “We are a nation of immigrants” might need to be rephrased come Friday, August 22 at 7:56 EST. At that precise time, the nation will officially reach a tipping point and become a majority Multicultural Nation. Though the U.S. Census projected the country wouldn’t reach this important milestone until 2043,


Study reveals segregated Latino & Black children not to blame for poor grades

LatinaLista — Earlier this week, the National Center for Education Statistics released the news that for the first time in our nation’s history white students will not be the majority in public schools. For some of us, that news wasn’t news at all. Latino students surpassed their white peers in Texas public schools in 2013

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New NBC survey identifying 8 distinct segments of American populace doesn’t include Latinos in the mix

LatinaLista — It’s easy to get confused about what Americans really think or want when politicians seem to always end their partisan rhetoric with “It’s what the American people want.” Well, now, thanks to the new Esquire-NBC News survey, Who’s in the American Center, we’re now supposed to know what ‘average’ Americans — those who

UT law prof blames Latino and black students’ poor academics on being raised with poor single mothers

LatinaLista — By now, it’s been accepted in most circles that the United States still suffers from overt and systemic racism. A brief review of President Obama’s first term clearly underscores how some people still feel a person’s skin color gives license to be disrespectful (Rep. Joe Wilson screams “You lie” to Obama during address

Shunning Latino, black and Asian journalist moderators for presidential debates underscores nation’s systemic attitudes towards race

LatinaLista — With all the talk and coverage there has been in the mainstream media about the Latino vote, it’s a crazy irony that Latinos, and other voters of color, are having to fight to remain a relevant part of this presidential campaign. The latest example has to do with the presidential debates. Not one