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New report reveals Dr. King’s dream on path to nightmare if nation doesn’t wake up and make reforms

LatinaLista — On the third Monday of every January, the nation observes Martin Luther King Day. Both in history and folklore, Dr. King is remembered as someone who fought for racial equality in this country. However, 48 years after delivering his inspirational “I have a dream” speech, after the nation has elected its first African

Almost half a million TX Latino voters would have their voting power limited if Perry and TX GOP get their way

LatinaLista — As the countdown continues to the 2012 election and pundits and the media continually speculate as to which party will eventually win the Latino vote, it’s bad enough Latino voters have to endure the denigrating political rhetoric regarding illegal immigration but there are worse things…like watching politicians do everything in their power to

Romney’s remarks implying Latinos want handouts still sting, especially in light of new economic report

LatinaLista — Mitt Romney’s insulting response during the latest debate in which he replied the best way to attract Latino voters was to remind Latinos that we, nor our ancestors, came here looking for a handout but opportunity obviously has a predetermined image of Latinos. If any Latino family is on food stamps or their