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Obama’s election forces a new national dialogue on “multiculturals”

LatinaLista — The election of Barack Obama forces the country to look at people of color and ethnicity in a new light and to begin a new conversation about dropping old labels and adopting new ones. Barack Obama’s White House win signals more than just a break from “old politics.” It is the start of

Conservatives who blame minorities for economic meltdown should get their facts straight

LatinaLista — Now that the House of Representatives has signed off on the $700 billion rescue/bailout plan, people are breathing a sigh of relief that credit will finally start loosening up to get those car and college loans. They’re also doing what should have been done a long time ago — looking at what caused

It’s time to end the honeymoon with gender and race and reclaim this election

LatinaLista — The word is that, after being distracted by the “Palin Effect,” the Obama campaign is back on track to focus on what this election is all about the issues. The candidates who really matter in November. (Source: ABC news) However, after reading comments on Latina Lista and several other blogs, the Obama campaign

The morning after Obama’s speech: Gone is the day when politics is business as usual

LatinaLista — It’s an understatement to say that Barack Obama’s acceptance speech last night for the Democratic nomination was a success. Barack Obama delivering his acceptance speech at Denver’s Invesco Field. (Source: NYTimes) But it wasn’t a success because of the historic speech he delivered or the line-up of speakers that preceded him or even