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Report on “Artists in the Workforce” show writing profession for under-35 to be 80% white

LatinaLista — If you’ve been trying to stay cool this summer by catching up on your reading with a visit to your neighborhood book store or library, you might have wondered why aren’t there more titles by talented Latina/o writers. Well, a little-noticed report released last month, “Artists in the Workforce 1990-2005″ by the National

Texas border town repeals ordinance that divided residents into Americans and “Spanish”

LatinaLista — An interesting story from Texas’ Rio Grande Valley surfaced today. It seems that in 1931 there was an ordinance created in Edcouch, Texas that divided the city into two sides: the American side and the Spanish side. Border town, Edcouch, Texas’ water tower at sunset. (Source: kenanderson.net) For anyone of Mexican or Spanish

Tancredo’s Remarks Cross the “Line” in Insulting Texas Rio Grande Valley Residents

LatinaLista — There’s something inherently wrong when an elected government official insults fellow citizens, regardless of his stand on any issue. By virtue of his political office and power, an elected official should exercise diplomacy when speaking in public. Yet, time and time again, we’ve seen politicians in states like Arizona, Oklahoma and Colorado clearly

Filmmaker of program “Roberto Clemente” urges Latino film community to press PBS to air more shows by or about Latinos

LatinaLista — This week, PBS aired a program about the legendary Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clemente. The show was part of the PBS series American Experience. Baseball player Roberto Clemente I was planning on blogging about the film but a visit to the web site dedicated to the show can inform you better. And