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Alabama legislators still aren’t feeling the love from passing anti-immigrant bill HB56

LatinaLista — On a day when most people are feeling warm and fuzzy towards one another, it’s worth noting that in those states that passed legislation targeting undocumented immigrants and labeling them as “burdens” on their state coffers, the feeling among most of these legislators should be turning from smug satisfaction to outright regret and

Report finds new down-payment mandates threaten to exclude majority of Blacks and Latinos from home ownership

LatinaLista — There’s no denying that the housing fiasco played a big role in the overall crisis that threatened our country’s financial system. Yet, what should be challenged is how communities of color should be the scapegoats of the housing crisis. Because so many black and Latino families were victimized by predatory lenders, it was

New report reveals Dr. King’s dream on path to nightmare if nation doesn’t wake up and make reforms

LatinaLista — On the third Monday of every January, the nation observes Martin Luther King Day. Both in history and folklore, Dr. King is remembered as someone who fought for racial equality in this country. However, 48 years after delivering his inspirational “I have a dream” speech, after the nation has elected its first African

Infographics and factsheets help tell real story of immigrants, Latinos and Asians’ impact on state economies

LatinaLista — How many immigrants live within each state? How do Latinos and Asians contribute to a state’s economy? How many of any state’s immigrants are eligible to vote? All of these questions and others are answered in the Immigration Policy Center‘s re-released set of fact sheets for each of the 50 states. The fact