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Growing Mexican trade helps Arizona exports keep pace with other states

By Joshua Armstrong Cronkite News Service WASHINGTON – A strong Mexican economy is helping Arizona keep pace with other states in export sales this year, according to recent data from the International Trade Administration. Mexico accounted for more than a third of the state’s international trade in the first half of 2011, when Arizona’s total

Immigration equals economic prosperity, according to a new study

By Luis Hernandez Borderzine EL PASO – The ongoing immigration reform debate – either in favor of or against any drastic legislative change, – usually focuses on the influx of undocumented immigrants, while ignoring its effect on the U.S. economy. The way current immigration laws are written and executed is making it harder for companies

Debunking the myth that Americans want the jobs of undocumented immigrants

LatinaLista – Alabama is still reeling from the aftershocks of passing the nation’s most punitive immigration bill on the books. Though the bill has wreaked havoc for public schools, it has done untold damage to the state’s economy. The state’s agriculture has suffered thousands of dollars in crop losses because immigrant workers were too afraid to

Pew report paints telling profile of Latino families in poverty

LatinaLista — The latest report from the Pew Hispanic Center declaring that childhood poverty in the Latino community leads the nation isn’t a total surprise. It’s known that the recession, which triggered the loss of construction jobs, hit Latino workers the hardest. Also, the passage of anti-immigrant legislation and the increase in deportations, which lead

Alabama farmers speak out for immigration reform: “This is a public issue, not politics.”

LatinaLista — The issue of immigration reform has been something that the GOP has felt very comfortable stalling, whether it be in Congress or even on the presidential campaign circuit. The latest defensive line that conservatives like to use against addressing illegal immigration anytime soon is that nothing can be done until the border is