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Officials say fixing broken immigration system safeguards nation’s food supply

LatinaLista — The White House continues its campaign to pressure congressional lawmakers to address comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) with their latest White House press conference call on the issue. Compared to past White House efforts where Latino celebrities, Silicon Valley CEOs and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus were in attendance, this call was extremely unsexy when

Spotlight Nonprofit: Raising the bar on treating the homeless

LatinaLista — San Antonio’s newest and largest facility serving homeless adults and children draws attention because it isn’t just another place where the homeless find refuge. Haven for Hope raises the bar on helping the homeless by creating the first “Homeless Transformation Campus” in the country. Citing their mission as “to transform and save lives,”

Guest Voz: In this digital economy, Latinos have the most to lose

By Jason A. Llorenz LatinaLista Today’s economy has become so intertwined with the internet and computers that it stands to reason that anyone who isn’t comfortable navigating cyberspace or has the skills to operate a computer and run various software is at a real disadvantage in this increasingly technical job market. However, as today’s Guest