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Video: Education expert credits ‘racist logic’ in public schools acting as pipelines to prison for some students

Video: Education expert credits ‘racist logic’ in public schools acting as pipelines to prison for some students

LatinaLista — Education expert Henry Giroux was named by the Toronto Star in 2012 as one of the top intellectuals changing the way the world thinks. The founder of Truthout’s Public Intellectual Project, Giroux has written over 50 books on the topics of education, youth, and democracy. They are topics he knows both academically and


Video: New documentary highlighting good in public schools screens during American Education Week

LatinaLista — Public schools and public school educators have been under attack a lot in the last few years. Politicians, “education reformists” and even some parents and media have indulged in playing the blame game — blaming public schools for children not learning, for “bad” teachers, for zero tolerance policies, for sending too many children


Video: Faced with high odds against academic success, six Latino teens seize control of their lives — and do it!

LatinaLista — For a lot of Latino teens, going to school can be just as much of a challenge as succeeding. For those who are low-income, first or second-generation, undocumented, live in neighborhoods where gang violence and recruitment are the norm, attend overcrowded schools with indifferent faculty and can’t envision a future for themselves, it’s


New campaign strives to create a ‘Preschool Nation’

LatinaLista — During the recent government shutdown, the generous $10 million donation by the Houston billionaire couple to re-fund Headstart programs across the country highlighted the importance of quality preschool programs. Aside from the obvious research showing the educational advantages a child receives who attends pre-school — starts school ready to tackle academics, refines motor


Latina scientists needed to move scientific knowledge forward

By Nicole Hernández Hammer LatinaLista Last week I was at a meeting of community organizers to discuss engagement of Miami’s Hispanic communities on climate change. At the end of the meeting one of the attendees came up to me and said I was the first woman scientist whom she had ever met. I was surprised


Video: Innovators share ideas on transforming the future of learning — so everyone learns

LatinaLista — What will the future of learning look like? Will it be done in schools? Will it be done virtually? Will there be teachers or holographic images? Will there be textbooks? The questions, along with, the possibilities, are endless but one thing is certain — the way people learn has to change. Our changing