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Spotlight Non-profit: Making the world environmentally friendly for kids

LatinaLista — Most people understand that there is a link between our health and our environment. There’s a reason why people aren’t thrilled living in neighborhoods towered over by power lines or living near smoke-spewing plants. The effects can be bad enough on adults but devastating to children’s developing bodies and minds. Yet, unfortunately, those

Guest worker program needs reform of its own before including it in broader immigration reform bill

LatinaLista — One component of immigration reform that is considered to be the most “sellable” point is the guest worker aspect. Non-skilled immigrant labor is brought in on H2-A visas to perform temporary farm labor. This industry has always been in the forefront of attracting immigrant labor. According to a 2009 immigration factsheet: In an

San Diego mid-city neighborhoods get free community homework center

La Prensa San Diego SAN DIEGO — Middle and high-school students in San Diego mid-city neighborhoods will now have free access to computers, printers, internet, homework assistance, school supplies and a daily after-school snack with the unveiling of the Neighborhood House Association’s (NHA) new Homework Center. The Homework Center is NHA’s newest community service and

One study says some Latino kids don’t exercise. Another study tells why

LatinaLista — A new report makes the simple but bold statement — “healthy people and healthy places go together.” The report, “Why Place & Race Matter: Impacting health through a focus on race and place,” sponsored by PolicyLink and the California Endowment, illustrates why a person’s neighborhood and local community can be a good predictor