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One study says some Latino kids don’t exercise. Another study tells why

LatinaLista — A new report makes the simple but bold statement — “healthy people and healthy places go together.” The report, “Why Place & Race Matter: Impacting health through a focus on race and place,” sponsored by PolicyLink and the California Endowment, illustrates why a person’s neighborhood and local community can be a good predictor

Before Obama resurrects presidential bid, he has a standing appointment with DREAMers

LatinaLista — While delivering his budget speech yesterday, President Obama correctly predicted that he would be criticized for it. He was. But it was one particular criticism from his political opponents that made some people do a double-take on the speech. According to some GOP politicians, they claim that President Obama was delivering a speech

Honolulu Zoo gets Latino Director

By Priscilla Cabral-Perez Hawaii Hispanic News HONOLULU, Hawaii — When Mayor Peter Carlisle recently introduced the new Honolulu Zoo Director Manuel Mollinedo, he described him as someone whose “wealth of zoo and park managerial experience and his clear love for animals is sure to benefit Honolulu.” Mollinedo’s wealth of experience is traced to a humble