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Arizona’s new State Attorney General, Tom Horne, says “increased academic achievement for Latino students” violates new law

LatinaLista — Nobody can argue with the fact that when it comes to academic performance among Latino students, too many fail or drop out. To counter that dismal statistic, there are programs in place across the country specifically focused on Latino academic achievement. Most consider that a good thing since the goal is to get

Spotlight Non-profit: Teaching a new generation the art of farming

LatinaLista — Rising food prices and rampant childhood obesity are two factors fueling a national surge in local communities exploring the idea of establishing community gardens. Yet for one group, the idea digs much deeper. La Semilla Food Center‘s tagline is “building a local foodshed.” The nonprofit serves the Paso del Norte region of southern

Backlash against GOP for failure to pass DREAM begins to be heard

LatinaLista — Something interesting has been happening since the Senate defeat of the DREAM Act before Christmas. It seems more columnists and constituents, who never wrote about the issue before, are writing about it now and all seem to be chastising the GOP and conservative Democrats for their decision to deny deserving students a chance

DREAM Act’s missing ally

LatinaLista — Now that a little time has passed since the Senate’s defeat of the DREAM Act, it’s easier to look back and see what went wrong. On the one hand, the Senate was able to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) and gave an eleventh hour reprieve to benefits for 9/11 First Responders —

USA: Former undocumented student shows what happens when DREAMS are realized

By Mariana D. Zamboni LatinaLista USA — Just three years ago, my friends and I gathered a compilation of different stories of undocumented immigrant students and titled it, “Underground Undergrounds: UCLA Undocumented Immigrant Students Speak Out.” Three years later, I stand amazed at their overt activism for they, we, are no longer underground. The purpose