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Video: Reminding people words do matter when talking about the disabled

Video: Reminding people words do matter when talking about the disabled

LatinaLista — In 2012, the U.S. Census reported that about 57 million people in the country have a disability. Disabilities range from severe to mild, cognitive to physical, but what hurts more than the disability is to hear how some people talk about others with disabilities. Though there has been an effort to make people

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Video: Discovering the Latino footprint in nation’s history

LatinaLista — Every summer, in a different city across the nation, the National Council of La Raza, or NCLR, hosts their annual national conference. Town Hall and workshop discussions on a variety of topics of interest to Latinos and featuring the appearance of notable politicians, celebrities, community activists, students, academics, professionals and concerned Latino citizens

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First-ever conference dedicates agenda to criminalization and over-suspension of Latino and African American students

LatinaLista — This weekend in Washington DC, educators, school administrators, community activists, law enforcement and students from across the country are getting together for the first-ever national conference to talk about what can be done to stop funneling so many students into the juvenile justice system for misbehaving in school. The more popular term is

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New report highlights innovative ways community colleges can help Latino students succeed

LatinaLista — It is said that by 2025 63 percent of all jobs are going to need some ‘post-secondary’ education. In simple terms, a high school diploma is not going to cut it in the future for a job that pays a living wage and keeps a family from using food stamps or shopping from

Latino and Black male students at the mercy of a segregated and suspension-focused school system

LatinaLista — Though pundits, mainstream media and the political parties themselves have been obsessed over the push-and-pull direction of the Latino vote in this presidential election, one of the real issues that matters is being ignored — kinda. The issue is the future of the Latino community and the nation. Not as it relates to today’s

Friday round-up of headlines spotlighting undocumented students and how colleges are coping with the change

LatinaLista — Many college students across the country are beginning to settle into a routine for the new school year. For those at universities, the first football game of the season has been played which always signals that school has officially begun. For many undocumented students, this school year signifies a milestone in their lives.