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Romney’s education message to Latino voters still needs work

LatinaLista — Mitt Romney is doing his best these days to keep up with President Obama in reaching out to Latino voters. Obviously, someone on his campaign realized that Latino voters can be a deciding factor in who wins the election in November. It was announced today that Romney accepted an invitation by the National Association

New report finds CA Latinos experience the most severe rates of underemployment of all races

LatinaLista — If ever there was doubt of whether or not college/vocational training is worth the expense, here comes the latest in what seems like an avalanche of reports detailing just how imperative higher education/training is for today’s worker. The latest report zeroes in on workers in California, yet the report’s authors are quick to

Summit stresses Dream Act, advocacy

By Yanet Pintor The Venture HOUSTON – During their third annual “We Have a Dream Summit” on Saturday, activists from FIEL, an immigrant youth organization, stressed to the audience the existence of the Texas Application for State Financial Aid. Through TASFA, qualified undocumented students are eligible to receive grants and pay in-state college tuition. “People think