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Migrant women farmworkers toil in nation’s “crying fields” to harvest food for the American people

LatinaLista — When it’s said that undocumented immigrants do the jobs most Americans don’t want, there is one industry that is the poster child for that statement – the food industry. It is reported that six in ten of the nation’s farmworkers are undocumented migrants. Thanks to the work of United Farm Workers, we know the

New site highlights impact of U.S.-Mexico border wall

LatinaLista — Back in the days when construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall was at its height (pun intended) — seizing private and ancestral property, bulldozing its way through some selected neighborhoods and enraging locals on both sides of the border, a group of environmentalists, academicians, professionals and concerned citizens made it their mission to

New housing research shows Latinos the most comfortable in diverse neighborhoods

LatinaLista — The quintessential American Dream is owning a home. Yet, there’s a second part to that dream that nobody really talks about — the neighborhood. Everybody wants to live in a “good neighborhood” but thanks to a new study by researchers for the Institute for Urban Research at Houston’s Rice University some people are

United Farm Workers launch campaign to get unemployed Americans to fill farm job vacancies

LatinaLista — The argument that undocumented immigrants do the work most Americans don’t want to do doesn’t apply to the Gulf Oil spill — yet. The Pensacola office of Workforce EscaRosa, an unemployment agency that serves the Florida region of beaches that find themselves littered with tar balls, fielded over 5,000 applications from unemployed people