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Low-income Latino and black children hit especially hard with Vitamin D deficiency

LatinaLista — If having the biggest rates of childhood obesity and diabetes weren’t enough, now low-income Latinos and African Americans have something else to worry about — not getting enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an invisible benefit from being out in the sun but with so many kids opting to play soccer from their

Guest Voz: Sec. of Labor Solis recognizes Cesar Chavez as a Latino Green Movement pioneer

LatinaLista — In remembering the birthday of Cesar Chavez, one of the most famous Latino civil rights activists of the 20th Century, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis reveals in her blog post the role Chavez played as an environmentalist — the forerunner to the Green Movement. As Secretary Solis points out, Chavez’s vision of the

While nation obsesses over “eating healthy,” little thought spared for farmworkers’ hardships

LatinaLista — Eating healthy is all the rage these days in light of the exploding rates of obesity occurring across the nation. As anyone knows, eating healthy doesn’t just mean throwing less salt on our mashed potatoes or ripping open one less packet of sugar or even choosing foods whose labels tout them as non-fat.

Too many global communities still lack access to clean water or basic sanitation

LatinaLista — It’s being reported by relief workers in Haiti that the lack of clean water and proper sewage could prove to be even more devastating than the initial earthquake. The lack of both of these essentials could cause widespread disease that could kill hundreds. Unfortunately, Haiti isn’t the only place on the planet facing

Prayer campaign for Juarez, Mexico winds down as violence heats up

LatinaLista — A day hasn’t gone by lately when Juarez, Mexico isn’t in the news. The latest sad tale to come from Mexico’s most violent city, and the most violent city in the world outside a war zone, is the senseless ambush of U.S. Consulate employees who were in separate cars with their children, and