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Video: Documentary challenges world to wake up to the future climate change will bring

Video: Documentary challenges world to wake up to the future climate change will bring

LatinaLista — What does the future hold for the planet? After living through the much publicized December 12, 2012 doomsday date with no earth-shattering repercussions, people have become jaded when talk of any future apocalypse is mentioned. While we may believe it will happen, too many of us just don’t believe it will happen in


Video: Latino youth raft Colorado River learning about dire future of the waterway and its impact on their lives

LatinaLista — A couple of weeks ago, a group of Latino students from states who depend on the Colorado River for their drinking water were taken on a 6-day rafting trip down the river and through the Grand Canyon. It wasn’t just for fun. The young people from Arizona, Colorado and Nevada were part of

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Intrn’l Video: The bio-diversity of South America takes center stage in continent’s unique gardens

LatinaLista — The BBC has an unique travel show titled “Around the World in 80 Gardens.” As you can guess, the host of the show travels to different countries not to take in the tourist sites, or the unusual cuisine or even the mysterious, scary remnants of the region’s past but to stroll through gardens.

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With release of Galápagos images on Google Maps, Charles Darwin Foundation recruits armchair naturalists for new project “Darwin for a Day”

LatinaLista — This past May, a team from GOOGLE Maps traveled to the Galápagos Islands for a 10-day expedition on one of their most ambitious projects — “to capture 360-degree images of the unique wildlife and geological features of the islands with the (Street View) Trekker camera.” With the distinct towering mobile cam strapped to

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Important Issues to U.S. Hispanics: Add sea level rise to the list

By Nicole Hernández Hammer LatinaLista As a sea level rise researcher I try to better understand the impacts of sea level rise on the U.S.– fiercer storms, polluted water, and loss of land. There is a lot of information on what places will be underwater in the next 20, 40 and 80+ years, and the


Video: With water crisis deepening, too many remain ignorant of climate’s impact on the future

LatinaLista — The United Nations declared 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation — and with good reason. With climate change accelerating severe weather systems, it seems a week doesn’t go by without news of some community on the brink of a water shortage. Southern Nevada Water Authority chief Pat Mulroy said she believes