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Poll reveals New Mexico’s Latinos concerned about health of state’s environment

LatinaLista — As the summer of 2011 goes down in the record books as being the summer of the most extreme weather and natural events — months of consecutive days in the triple digits, unprecedented flooding in the northeast, severe drought in the southwest, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. – most people understand that the planet is

Guest Voz: President Obama puts Latino children at risk with clean air sabotage

Latina Lista — President Obama surprised many when he reversed course on stopping the EPA from enforcing tougher smog standards. Environmentalists were outraged and according to today’s Guest Voz contributor, Adrianna Quintero, so should be the Latino community. Quintero is an environmental advisor of Voces Verdes, a Latino green coalition. In the following piece, Quintero

Bolivia: A hidden treasure in the salt flats of Uyuni could liberate Bolivia from poverty

By Angie Washington LatinaLista UYUNI, BOLIVIA – Who can resist the thrill of a treasure hunt? Be it on the big screen or in the bindings of a pirate adventure book, the timeless idea of buried treasure captivates the imagination. Here in Bolivia the hidden stash takes a non-traditional form. Instead of pirates hunting gold, pearls

United Farm Workers asks nation to sign petition supporting Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act

LatinaLista — One of the least contentious elements being proposed as part of a larger immigration reform package has to do with creating a guest worker program to serve the agricultural industry. The reasoning is that such a program would provide more security to undocumented farm workers who are subject to an untold number of