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LatinaLista — While Latina Lista has reported on those farmers and vineyard owners who are guilty of not ensuring the well-being of their workers, there are some farmers who go beyond the obligations of a good employer. These farmers not only care about keeping their Mexican workers safe but want to understand where they come […]

LatinaLista — Last week, Homeland Security had a change of mind about building the infamous Texas-Mexico border fence in Presidio, Texas. A change of mind NOT a change of heart. It seems reality kicked in when it was discovered that the budget was higher than what had been planned for to build this section of […]

LatinaLista — Dolly is getting her act together and while that’s usually a good thing for most of those with this name, it isn’t for this Dolly — Tropical Storm Dolly, that is. Proposed trajectory of Tropical Storm Dolly through Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. (Source: National Hurricane Center) According to the latest advisory issued by […]

LatinaLista — Democratic Congresswoman Hilda L. Solis represents California’s 32nd Congressional District. The Congresswoman has been instrumental in creating legislation that has addressed issues important to Latinos: H.R. 359 – Cesar Estrada Chavez Study Act of 2007, H.R. 468, Communities of Color Teen Pregnancy Prevention Act of 2007, H.R. 1103 – Environmental Justice Act of […]

LatinaLista — The Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1. This Friday, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will hold a press conference releasing a new computer model simulation that shows there will be fewer hurricanes later in the century, but the ones that do form will be more intense. Hurricane Katrina near peak […]

LatinaLista — Past responses to stories posted on Latina Lista regarding the fight South Texans are putting up against the Department of Homeland Security in building the congressionally appropriated border fence have not always been kind to the residents. Some people can’t understand why simple landowners, who have had their property in their family since […]

LatinaLista — Residents in the Texas Rio Grande Valley have been fighting two wars: the war in Iraq that has taken many of their young people from the region and the war against the Department of Homeland Security which is wanting their private property to build a border fence between the U.S. and Mexico. Unlike […]

LatinaLista — The “Hour of Reckoning” has arrived: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has filed the first of an expected 102 lawsuits to force landowners along the US-Mexico border to fork over their property to the government for the border fence. The first town that DHS is targeting is Eagle Pass, Texas — population, […]

LatinaLista — Today most Latino families are celebrating a very special observance: Day of the Dead. It is a celebration where families come together to remember their loved ones who have passed away with special homemade altars, traditional foods and family picnics at the family cemetery. This year, one Texas border city wanted to show […]

LatinaLista — The fires in San Diego are dramatic enough without the horrendous side stories of arson and death. Yet, all afternoon on CNN, in between live and taped footage of raging fires and neighborhoods burned to a crisp, anchor after anchor stops coverage long enough to “report” on a story about 6 illegal immigrants […]

LatinaLista — Throughout the debate over the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, critics have long enjoyed defending their stance by saying that it’s within the “legal rights” of the country to defend its borders. Well, there are some other legal rights that go way back before there ever was a border between […]

LatinaLista — Well, it’s official. The next big business along the Texas-Mexico border is (drumroll) — the 17-foot ladder business! (Source: claybennett.com) Department of Homeland Security today released where they plan to build the Texas-Mexico portion of the border fence and — it doesn’t look good.

By Janett Chavarry Garcia PERU: In Perú right now, we’re experiencing a particularly cold winter. It’s perhaps the strongest one we’ve had in years. Somehow, we should have seen that as an omen as to what was to come. Because on August 15, our corner of the world changed. It was a strange sunny afternoon […]

LatinaLista — There’s advance word that things along the Texas-Mexico border will be heating up this weekend. No, it has nothing to do with the temperatures hovering near 100 degrees, nor are there any Minuteman protests planned that Latina Lista has been made aware of. Rather what will be heated up are contingents from Texas […]

LatinaLista — By now, pretty much everyone agrees that Global Warming is a fact and not some left-wing, liberal propaganda story. Global Warming temperature changes (Source: nasa.gov) Winters are getting colder, spring weather brings more violent showers and we know, global warming or not, summer is a killer with its high temperatures. In fact, summer […]