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Lawrence community to discuss participation in ICE’S Secure Communities program

Rumbo LAWRENCE, MA — The Patrick-Murray Administration announced a series of community meetings to promote an open dialogue and address the concerns that several community organizations and immigrant advocates have expressed about the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Secure Communities program. Representatives from Governor Patrick’s office will be in Lawrence on Saturday, April 2,

Braceros — soldiers in the fields

By Mariana Llamas-Cendon VENTURA COUNTY — The Bracero Program had a profoundly personal impact on the life of Jose Alamillo. His father, grandfather and other family members left their homes in Mexico and joined more than five million other Mexican nationals to work the fields in the United States. Mexican participants of the Bracero

The Latino bias of some elected officials is disturbing, frightening and unAmerican

LatinaLista — Last week’s vile comment by Kansas legislator Virgil Peck — that shooting undocumented immigrants from helicopters could be another way to control illegal immigration — sparked a huge outcry from across the nation. Unfortunately, it’s not an isolated incident. Other examples of biased politicians, who think their positions shield them from exercising common