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Obama-chosen “stakeholders” in immigration meeting do little to boost Latino confidence in White House

LatinaLista — The White House released an announcement today that they have begun the dialogue on fixing our broken immigration system — again. This time, without any prior announcement, the White House convened a meeting for today with 30 individuals to talk about: …the importance of fixing the broken immigration system for our nation’s 21st

Court Protects Immigrants’ Right To Reopen Cases From Outside the U.S.

MetroLatino WASHINGTON, D.C. — A federal appellate court recently reversed a Board of Immigration Appeals’ (BIA) decision that would have prevented noncitizens from presenting new evidence in their removal cases – evidence that potentially could change the outcome – because they are outside the United States. As the Legal Action Center of the American Immigration

Before Obama resurrects presidential bid, he has a standing appointment with DREAMers

LatinaLista — While delivering his budget speech yesterday, President Obama correctly predicted that he would be criticized for it. He was. But it was one particular criticism from his political opponents that made some people do a double-take on the speech. According to some GOP politicians, they claim that President Obama was delivering a speech