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Guest worker program needs reform of its own before including it in broader immigration reform bill

LatinaLista — One component of immigration reform that is considered to be the most “sellable” point is the guest worker aspect. Non-skilled immigrant labor is brought in on H2-A visas to perform temporary farm labor. This industry has always been in the forefront of attracting immigrant labor. According to a 2009 immigration factsheet: In an

Obama-chosen “stakeholders” in immigration meeting do little to boost Latino confidence in White House

LatinaLista — The White House released an announcement today that they have begun the dialogue on fixing our broken immigration system — again. This time, without any prior announcement, the White House convened a meeting for today with 30 individuals to talk about: …the importance of fixing the broken immigration system for our nation’s 21st

Court Protects Immigrants’ Right To Reopen Cases From Outside the U.S.

MetroLatino WASHINGTON, D.C. — A federal appellate court recently reversed a Board of Immigration Appeals’ (BIA) decision that would have prevented noncitizens from presenting new evidence in their removal cases – evidence that potentially could change the outcome – because they are outside the United States. As the Legal Action Center of the American Immigration