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White House loud and clear on immigration reform but ignores Latino community’s outcry over abusive actions by ICE and Border Patrol

LatinaLista — Even though two different immigration reform plans have been laid out, there is still criticism that existing White House directives to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to not apprehend and place in deportation proceedings non-threatening undocumented immigrants is routinely being ignored by ICE agents out in the field. News reports of mass

Proposed immigration reform plans don’t deal with the total reality that exists for undocumented immigrants

LatinaLista — After hearing President Obama’s plan for immigration reform and what the bipartisan committee of senators released yesterday, it’s natural that there would be parts Latinos like and don’t like from each proposal. For starters, it’s obvious that both sides are still more interested in politicizing the issue, with Republicans accusing Obama of using

While the senate blueprint on immigration reform brings cheers, three more challenges exist before breathing sigh of relief

LatinaLista — The announcement this morning that senators had reached an agreement on immigration reform, and the subsequent press conference held by Senators Marco Rubio, (R-FL); John McCain (R-AZ); Chuck Schumer (D-NY); Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Dick Durbin (D-IL), triggered a deluge of congratulatory press releases from major Latino organizations. To see both Republicans and

International Migrants’ Day highlights increase of events driving people from their homes

LatinaLista — It is estimated that there are more than 214 million migrants in the world today. Because of war and a poor economy, more people are being forced from their homes in search of safety or employment. Unfortunately, because the majority of the world is under the same threat of unemployment and low wages,

ICE continues to ignore Washington’s directive to not deport non-criminal undocumented parents

LatinaLista — Even with all the talk of the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling, and now renewed demands that Washington do something about gun control, there is still the expectation that immigration reform will be among the top priorities for Obama’s second term. It has to be. In light of recently released data, current immigration

In the aftermath of the presidential election, it’s time for Latinos to start reclaiming their image

LatinaLista — Now that Latinos have gained credibility in the eyes of mainstream media and Main Street USA by making the difference in Obama’s re-election, Latinos need to start the real work of reclaiming the Latino image. In the aftermath of the election when Sunday morning network roundtable discussions were busy dissecting, analyzing and commenting