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New immigrant deportation report underscores a gov’t as divided on the issue as the nation

LatinaLista — Last week, rumors were rampant that the Obama administration was bracing for bad news just as the Democratic National Convention was winding down. The bad news was the monthly jobs report. The report showed only very slight improvement and pushed the Obama camp to briefly acknowledge it as “not good enough” before dispatching

Benita Veliz’s appearance at DNC signals another turning point for the DREAM Act

LatinaLista — Ever since the Democratic National Convention convened in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Republicans have kept pretty mum on comparing their convention of last week. When it comes to delegate enthusiasm, dynamic speeches promoting the nominee and lack of embarrassing speakers or having to expel delegates because of their behavior, the Democrats have, so

Federal Appeals Court puts brakes on most provisions of Georgia and Alabama’s immigration laws

LatinaLista — With the ongoing excitement over the Deferred Action program for DREAMer students, it’s hard to remember (outside Arizona) that there are some states still trying to enforce their own versions of immigration law. A couple of the most recent states that joined with Arizona were Georgia and Alabama. And like Arizona, they were

AZ Gov. Brewer’s latest action against undocumented youth should send chills down the spines of the GOP

LatinaLista — The day after thousands of undocumented youth giddily took their places in line at workshops and Mexican consulates across the country, some with their U.S. high school graduation diplomas in hand, to begin the arduous task of doing something their own parents couldn’t do for them — relieve their fears of being deported

In suspicious move, union ICE boss appears with GOP senators to denounce DREAMer policy

LatinaLista — Once upon a time being Commander-in-Chief meant that though people who worked in the various federal agencies disagreed with the man in the Oval Office, they may have griped among themselves but didn’t go public and certainly never held a joint press conference with the opposing political party. Yet, for some reason, those

Even if Latino plaintiffs lose in Arpaio case, they may still come out winners

LatinaLista — It’s day 2 of the trial against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio accused of using his position and his department in racially profiling Latino Arizona residents. It was reported that today’s testimony by two Latinos, who were impacted by Arpaio’s practice of conducting immigration sweeps and round-ups at certain points in the city,