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Mr. President, It is time to grant a moratorium on deportations of youth raised in the U.S. until immigration reform is passed

LatinaLista — First, there was Benita. Then came Walter. After that, Taha. Now, it’s Herta. These are the names of young people who faced deportation from the Department of Homeland Security because their parents brought them to live in the United States when they were very young, overstayed their initial visits and ended up living

One side effect of a broken immigration system — corruption — thrives on this side of the border too

LatinaLista — For those of us who advocate the government get started on reforming the nation’s immigration system, President Obama’s announcement that he’s pushing back the issue on his agenda until other priorities, like health care, get resolved are disappointing. Mexico President Felipe Calderon and President Obama share a moment at the North American summit

Children take to the Maricopa County streets to protest Sheriff Arpaio

LatinaLista — Maricopa County Arizona is used to seeing protests staged against their infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Yet, this Friday, there will be a different kind of protest against Arpaio in Maricopa County. This time, protesters will be marching with signs in hand that say things like “Sheriff Joe is retarded.” Sound juvenile? Yeah, but

New short film follows Postville deportees home and their continuing struggle to survive

LatinaLista — One of the Guatemalan immigrants, Willian Toj, who was apprehended and deported in May 2008 from Postville, Iowa wasn’t just working illegally in the United States at the meatpacking plant to send money back home — he was working to literally save the life of his mother. Toj’s story is but one of

Guest Voz: Invitation from Guatemalan Human Rights Commission shows 2nd-generation Latina what happened to Postville deportees

By Cynthia Mazariegos LatinaLista — Second-generation Guatemalan-American, Cynthia Mazariegos, dreams of becoming a lawyer one day and championing justice for immigrants as an immigration attorney. Her dreams are fueled by the ongoing debate in the United States over comprehensive immigration reform and witnessing how hard-working, undocumented immigrants have been caught in the middle of this

Phoenix Business Journal article reeks of yellow journalism in making unsubstantiated tie between crime and city’s undocumented population

LatinaLista — Anyone who subscribes to newspapers knows times are tough in newsrooms, of all sizes, across the country. Loss of advertising revenue means smaller staff, less diversity and the fewer remaining reporters turning out more copy on shorter deadlines. Yet, a balanced news story shouldn’t be the sacrificial lamb in this new age of