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If Sheriff Arpaio doesn’t racially profile Latinos, why are the majority of his inmates legal Hispanic residents?

LatinaLista — In yet another disturbing story to come out of Arizona this week — and it’s only Tuesday! — is news that Latinos make up the ethnic majority in the Maricopa County jails. Seeing that this is the domain of the infamous Sheriff Arpaio, the news isn’t completely shocking. Yet, what is surprising is

Guest Voces: Time for immigration Reform is Now

LatinaLista — Editor’s Note: In association with New America Media, a national association of ethnic media, the following post was published by ethnic media across the country this week to bring attention to the urgency of immigration reform. The White House and members of Congress must move quickly on enacting a just and humane immigration

Time is fast running out for Honors Student, Walter Lara, scheduled to be deported July 6

LatinaLisa — It wasn’t that long ago that we featured the story of college graduate, Benita Veliz, a honor student who had been arrested by San Antonio police and sentenced to start deportation proceedings. We learned last month that Benita can stay in the U.S. for another three months until her fate is determined. Student

DHS needs to explain restrictions against public and media access to immigration courts

LatinaLista — One of the first signs there was big trouble in Iran was when the government banned foreign journalists from reporting on what was happening in the country. Media censorship Regardless of the event, whenever it is heard that journalists are banned, the news always evokes undemocratic and tyrannic images of oppression, suppression, intimidation

Latino Commission on AIDS launches new site in time for National HIV Testing Day

LatinaLista — Saturday, June 27, is National HIV Testing Day. While HIV/AIDS used to be the “gay man’s disease,” we all know that no longer is the case. Men, women and children of all ethnicities have the disease. It’s been reported that Latinos comprise 18 percent of those individuals who have HIV and don’t even

Student immigrants learning English share essays about life in America

LatinaLista — “If students are to make knowledge their own, they must struggle with the details, wrestle with the facts, and rework raw information and dimly understood concepts into language they can communicate to someone else. In short, if students are to learn, they must write.” — College Board President Gaston Caperton “Words Have No