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New digital book puts a Human Face to Transnationalism

LatinaLista — What is transnationalism? The Merriam-Webster definition says it’s “extending or going beyond national boundaries.” Yet, for the purposes of a new digital, virtual coffee table-type book, transnationalism, as it pertains to the United States, has a much deeper meaning. DayNightLifeDeathHope explores transnationalism as the “accommodation of immigrant cultures into a more open ‘cosmopolitan’

Rep. King (R-IA) hopes that crying “illegal immigrant” derails Obama’s healthcare plan

LatinaLista — It’s thought that the conservative party got the message during the 2008 elections, when Democrats soundly beat Republicans. Yet, someone is feeding conservatives the belief that the issue of illegal immigration still resonates loudly with independents and those on the fence about it. Otherwise, the latest idiotic allegations involving undocumented immigrants wouldn’t have

Workers without papers are expendable — literally!

LatinaLista — The headline refers to a disturbing USA Today report recounting how though the overall number of workplace deaths has declined, the death of Hispanic workers on the job has risen. Hispanic construction worker deaths rank the highest among all Hispanic workforce deaths. (Photo source: While it’s easy to lay blame on the

“Out-of-Touch Beltway Republicanism” plagues Gingrich and others who want to send 12 million people packing

LatinaLista — Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s immigration subcommittee, made headlines last week when he announced that he planned to have a new immigration reform bill put together by Labor Day. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s tough-guy approach to immigration reform increasingly appeals to conservatives. From preliminary reports, conservative congressional members are

Brazil’s amnesty of its undocumented highlights the need for a 3-part approach to longlasting immigration reform

LatinaLista — The issue of undocumented immigration and its consequences is not unique to the United States. Countries throughout the world are grappling with the same problem. Sometimes, their approaches to solving this universal dilemma is worse than what is being considered in the United States and sometimes it’s better — far better. Brazil’s President

“Trade-offs” are already paving the way for passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

LatinaLista — When the “official” immigration reform bill finally gets drafted and subjected to congressional debate, the expectation in Latino communities is that it will be a loud and boisterous fight but key elements will be approved in some form — notably The DREAM Act and the fate of 12 million people. Yet, if today’