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One more nationwide campaign supporting immigration reform hopes to make a lasting impression

One more nationwide campaign supporting immigration reform hopes to make a lasting impression

LatinaLista — It appears the flame of hope that Congress will pass immigration reform is becoming nothing more than a flicker in most who believed something could be signed by Christmas. Not even yesterday’s re-introduction by House Democrats of an immigration bill could raise hopes that Congress would focus on anything else but the government


Pew Research reports an increase among the undocumented population — maybe

LatinaLista — If ever there was a report that could be described as “On the one hand, yes — on the other hand, no.” it would be today’s Pew Research report New Estimate: 11.7 million in 2012: Population Decline of Unauthorized Immigrants Stalls, May Have Reversed The key words are “may have.” Pew Research Center’s


One Latina journalist’s tips to help GOP politicians follow Chairman’s directive of engaging Latino media

LatinaLista — Ever since it was made clear that Obama won his bid for re-election with the help of Latino voters, Republicans have known that they need to do more to convince us that they aren’t the political bad guys. It’s a hard sell for them in light of stunts like Arizona’s Gov. Brewer who


Why are so many Latinos pathetically apathetic?

LatinaLista — Over the summer, the Association for Psychological Science released a study that amazingly was only covered by one news media outlet. It could have been because it focused on something that most people don’t want to admit — being self-centered. According to the study, Americans are more self-centered now than they were 200


In this day of rampant ignorant racism, it’s time to take Hispanic Heritage Month beyond fiestas

LatinaLista — You might have noticed the headline yesterday about how the White House was celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a concert featuring a carefully selected group of Latino artists – Lila Downs (Mexico), Gloria Estefan (Cuba), Ricky Martin (Puerto Rico), Alejandro Sanz (Spain), to name a few – to emphasize the diversity within the