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Even a deeply flawed immigration bill gives hope where none exists now

Even a deeply flawed immigration bill gives hope where none exists now

LatinaLista — Tomorrow, the House of  Representatives is supposed to finally tackle the issue of immigration reform, a sharp thorn in the sides of many in the GOP. While the Tea Party-backed legislators are smug in their confidence that the debate will die on the House floor, there are some in the party who have


Texas’ Senators Cruz & Cornyn charting a course to turn the Lone Star State Blue

LatinaLista — Two senators that have been major thorns in the sides of the Gang of Eight during these senate debates over immigration reform have been two men that hail from the same state — Texas. Sen. John Cornyn and Sen. Ted Cruz have both been uncompromising in their attitudes and not shy about their


New poll underscores how immigration reform is less a political issue for Latinos and more a humanitarian need

LatinaLista — During the start of today’s senate debate on immigration reform, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas took the podium and candidly declared his prediction for the passage of the bill: It would pass the Senate but ‘crash’ in the House. He then went on to lament the fact that none of the five

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As the White House gears up for senate debate on immigration reform, Obama preaches to the choir

LatinaLista — Today, the Senate began debate on immigration, an issue that the majority of the Latino community has been fighting for since the 21st Century began more than a decade ago. Yet, before the Senate voted to take the bill to the floor for debate, President Obama addressed a distinguished group of businesspeople, law

Immigration Activists Wary

Mainstream media can’t claim balanced coverage of immigration reform if they exclude undocumented immigrant voices

LatinaLista — Over the last couple years as debate over immigration reform intensified, many people, even some of my Latino journalist and business colleagues, have criticized the tactics of some in the undocumented community in forcing Washington to address the issue. For example, some didn’t like how DREAMer students behaved. One colleague described them as

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Video: Looking at all sides of New York City’s controversial proposal to allow non-citizens to vote in city elections

LatinaLista — The debate in Congress over immigration reform promises to heat up before fireworks explode July 4, the time Sen. Schumer predicts the senate will have passed the issue. Yet another immigration bill promises to be even more explosive and divisive than the national bill if it ever comes to the floor for debate.