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New NBC survey identifying 8 distinct segments of American populace doesn’t include Latinos in the mix

New NBC survey identifying 8 distinct segments of American populace doesn’t include Latinos in the mix

LatinaLista — It’s easy to get confused about what Americans really think or want when politicians seem to always end their partisan rhetoric with “It’s what the American people want.” Well, now, thanks to the new Esquire-NBC News survey, Who’s in the American Center, we’re now supposed to know what ‘average’ Americans — those who


Video: U.S. deportees in Tijuana create new ‘underground’ community as they wait and wait…

LatinaLista — Ever since the HBO news magazine series VICE launched, it has brought major issues into America’s living rooms with documentary-style episodes highlighting why the issues are such problems. One of their episodes dealt with the U.S. deportation issue. The Obama administration is setting records for deporting more immigrants than any other administration in

Sergio Garcia

Editorial writer claims California’s new bill allowing undocumented to practice law “goes way, way too far ahead” of the immigration debate

LatinaLista Amid the weekend news trumpeting California Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing of 9 immigration-related bills, one bill had special meaning – the bill that allows Sergio Garcia to practice law. If you remember, Sergio was the young man who came to the US at a young age, put himself through undergrad and law school, took

United States federal government shutdown

If you think you’re safe from Washington’s dsyfunction and the federal shutdown — think again!

LatinaLista — There’s no escaping news of the dysfunction in Congress these days. The partial shutdown of the government dominates headlines on a daily basis, as it should. Yet, until the recent outbreak of salmonella poisoning, the sad story of military families deprived of death benefits whose loved ones were killed while on active duty

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One more nationwide campaign supporting immigration reform hopes to make a lasting impression

LatinaLista — It appears the flame of hope that Congress will pass immigration reform is becoming nothing more than a flicker in most who believed something could be signed by Christmas. Not even yesterday’s re-introduction by House Democrats of an immigration bill could raise hopes that Congress would focus on anything else but the government