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GOP governors’ denial of Medicaid expansion in their states is one outreach Latinos will take to heart — and to the polls

LatinaLista — For all their outreach to Latinos, the GOP must think that compromising on immigration reform — and to this point, no one knows exactly what their definition of compromise entails — is all that is needed to win Latinos over to their side. But they’re not looking at the bigger picture. Immigration reform

It must be the year of the Latino: AP announces it’s dropping the ‘i’ word

LatinaLista — Hand-in-hand with the fight to get Congress to address immigration reform has been the battle with the media to stop referring to undocumented immigrants as “illegal.” While some major newspapers like the Miami Herald agreed that the use of the “i” word was offensive and degrading to the immigrant community and elected to

Anti-Latino immigrant rhetoric doesn’t just sway support for legal citizenship but benefits of social citizenship as well

LatinaLista — As if it wasn’t enough that anti-immigrant advocates and their rhetoric have controlled for too long the debate on immigration reform, a new study finds that immigration is only one of the issues where negative talk of legal status and race are used to portray not just undocumented immigrants, but Latinos overall, in

New report declares Mexican cartels “most significant organized crime threat to Texas”

LatinaLista — An annual report by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Public Safety Threat Overview, underscores how in 2013 Texas’ biggest safety threat comes from Mexican drug cartels. The report’s researchers say that Mexican cartels pose the “most significant organized crime threat to Texas.” Coming in second place is the state-wide prison

New study shows California’s online voter registration yielded surprising results that could strike fear in the hearts of critics

LatinaLista — Talk of modernizing the voting process always crops up around major elections. Unfortunately, it’s more talk of what can be done than doing it but one area that has gotten a boost from today’s technology is voter registration. A handful of states are offering their citizens the option of registering online. California is

The GOP’s $10 million problem with Latinos isn’t messaging — it’s the message

LatinaLista — When Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus first announced that his party would be devoting $10 million to outreach to minority, women and young voters as a result of the findings from their internal analysis GOP Growth & Opportunity Project, my knee-jerk reaction was that they were better off saving their money. As