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The GOP’s $10 million problem with Latinos isn’t messaging — it’s the message

LatinaLista — When Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus first announced that his party would be devoting $10 million to outreach to minority, women and young voters as a result of the findings from their internal analysis GOP Growth & Opportunity Project, my knee-jerk reaction was that they were better off saving their money. As

Latina Commentary: Why Rep. Ryan’s budget is a lot like JC Penney’s strategy for change

LatinaLista — I’m really disappointed with JC Penney these days. Today’s reincarnation is a far cry from when I shopped there with my mother as a kid, worked there in my first job as a college student, shopped there as a mother myself for my children and supported as my daughter’s first employer out of

Latino vote isn’t just growing, but increasing in influence

LatinaLista — While Republicans still struggle over deciding whether Latino voters are really worth all the extra work, a new infographic should light a proverbial fire under their indecision. The Center for American Progress and Progress 2050 compiled data to create a visual argument as to why the Latino vote will matter even more in

The Voting Rights Act is a long way from being ‘racial entitlement’

LatinaLista — The yardstick used by Latino leaders to prove we have politically ‘arrived’ has been Latino voter registration and turnout at the polls. Unfortunately, that same measure of accomplishment is being used to prove to the Supreme Court that the Voting Rights Act has outlived its usefulness. Today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments

New Pew report on political parties’ public approval underscores big concern for future of politics

LatinaLista — The news for the Republican Party just keeps getting worse. A new Pew poll underscores by just how much public confidence has waned in the GOP. According to the poll: 62% of the public says the GOP is out of touch with the American people, 56% think it is not open to change

New 50-month analysis shows ICE detained over 800 US citizens and over 28,000 green card holders

LatinaLista — A new analysis of who U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been ‘detaining’ and processing for deportation from 2008 to early 2012 is both a relief and cause for concern. According to a report issued by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) on immigration enforcement, 77 percent of the ‘immigration holds’ placed