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New analysis highlights growing problem: Depends on your state — how much your vote really counts

New analysis highlights growing problem: Depends on your state — how much your vote really counts

LatinaLista — It seems like an understatement to write that tomorrow is a midterm election given the volume of social media, email and television commercials over the past month reminding us to get to the polls. Every “Get out the Vote” message reminds us of the power of our vote and opportunity to change local,


Close elections push voters to extremes

By Mark Burd Futurity When political races are competitive, both Democrat and Republican voters favor candidates who are more strongly conservative or liberal, new research shows. The findings contradict conventional thinking that holds close elections swing appeal to the center toward candidates with a moderate or centrist ideology and may explain why voters in the


Report: For Women and Girls, the Common Core Is a Step Toward Greater Equity

Center for American Progress Women and girls continue to benefit from dramatically increased educational opportunities. Due in large part to the success of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, more than half of the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees awarded by U.S. colleges today are earned by women. Yet despite this progress,


New federal data reveals there’s a reason why more Latinos and Blacks aren’t realizing the dream of home ownership

LatinaLista — Diversity is a concept everyone understands but it’s a practice that (surprisingly) is getting more pushback these days than ever before. From Silicon Valley to mainstream media newsrooms, diversity is increasingly having a polarizing effect on people rather than being seen as a stepping stone to a more inclusive society. In their series

Migrant Workers Farm Crops In Southern CA

Labor unions need Latino members to survive

LatinaLista — Two weeks ago, at the annual conference of the William J. O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, a group of economists, policy analysts, academic researchers and anthropologists gathered to talk about the impact of undocumented migration on the U.S. economy. The speakers didn’t come to

U.S. President Obama takes part in a town hall hosted by Univision at the University of Miami in Coral Gables

Latinos’ threats to Democrats over immigration reform don’t make sense

LatinaLista — National polls have been showing that more and more Latinos have become disenchanted with President Obama. So much so that some Latino organizations have issued a warning to Democrats to not blame the Latino electorate if the GOP wins more elections this November, ousting the Democrat majority in the Senate. Perhaps it’s against