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When talking about Latino voters, new poll shows it’s all about Latinas

LatinaLista — A new tracking poll released today by impreMedia/Latino Decisions highlighted a reality that has so far been ignored by both presidential campaigns — Latinas overwhelmingly favor Obama over Romney. According to the poll: Latina voters plan to vote for President Obama by a margin of 74% to 21% for Romney – a 53 point

New report underscores how Voter ID laws threaten the democratic right of too many youth of color

LatinaLista — A new study released by the black youth project titled Turning Back the Clock on Voting Rights: The Impact of New Photo Identification Requirements on Young People of Color adds one more voice to the chorus of organizations, academics, politicians and individuals sounding the alarm to the threat against the voting rights of

Romney’s un-presidential response to Libya attack should give cause for concern to all Latino families whose children want to serve

LatinaLista — The news that the American ambassador to Libya had died as a result of an attack against the US embassy in the city of Benghazi was horrific. That a small faction of extremists, believed to be the militant jihadist group, Ansar al-Sharia, planned the attack by hijacking a religious protest (incited by Egyptian

New immigrant deportation report underscores a gov’t as divided on the issue as the nation

LatinaLista — Last week, rumors were rampant that the Obama administration was bracing for bad news just as the Democratic National Convention was winding down. The bad news was the monthly jobs report. The report showed only very slight improvement and pushed the Obama camp to briefly acknowledge it as “not good enough” before dispatching

Benita Veliz’s appearance at DNC signals another turning point for the DREAM Act

LatinaLista — Ever since the Democratic National Convention convened in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Republicans have kept pretty mum on comparing their convention of last week. When it comes to delegate enthusiasm, dynamic speeches promoting the nominee and lack of embarrassing speakers or having to expel delegates because of their behavior, the Democrats have, so

Diversity of RNC speakers forces party to face uncomfortable truths

LatinaLista — No matter the critiques, the gaffes, the egos on display or the walks down numerous memory lanes, the Republican National Convention (RNC) was an event that proved to be, in part, a puzzlement to both those who attended and those who were watching from home. Aside from Clint Eastwood’s disrespectful bit that doesn’t