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Diversity of RNC speakers forces party to face uncomfortable truths

LatinaLista — No matter the critiques, the gaffes, the egos on display or the walks down numerous memory lanes, the Republican National Convention (RNC) was an event that proved to be, in part, a puzzlement to both those who attended and those who were watching from home. Aside from Clint Eastwood’s disrespectful bit that doesn’t

Condoleeza Rice’s RNC speech resonates with voters of color for its inclusion, truthfulness and ‘presidential’ delivery

LatinaLista — As is typical during political party conventions, minutes after key speeches are made in front of the jubilant party faithful wearing their political allegiance literally on their sleeves (head, face, feet, etc.), critiques of the speeches and the orators start flowing. Last night was no exception. Yet, it wasn’t until Paul Ryan delivered

Boehner’s remarks about black and Latino voters serve to disenfranchise voters of color

LatinaLista — With the GOP Convention due to begin tonight just as Hurricane Isaac nears the storm-weary city of New Orleans, it’s going to be a toss-up for a lot of households as to what to watch on TV. At one time, I thought there was no way the GOP Convention could rival the natural disaster

GOP Party Platform may not be set in stone but it sure does throw its fair share of rocks

LatinaLista — San Diego’s Republican mayor, Jerry Sanders, is running his own primetime ad next week during televised coverage of the Republican National Convention to be held in Tampa, Florida, hurricane withstanding. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be big news but it is this time. Mayor Sanders is running an ad titled “Family and Freedom” and it

GOP doubles down turning away Latino voters by adopting anti-immigrant provisions for party platform

LatinaLista — The GOP may say they want Latino voters but their latest actions have hammered the last nail in the proverbial coffin of sincerity that they mean it. Today, in Tampa, Florida, the Republican platform committee met to finalize the party’s campaign platform. Politico reports that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the author