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Obama’s willingness to cut Social Security benefits cuts deep into the Latino community

LatinaLista – The pressure for President Obama to resolve the debate between Republicans and Democrats over whether or not to raise the debt ceiling is reaching the desperate stage. It must be, if as reported by The Washington Post last night, that President Obama is now willing to consider cuts to Social Security. Why the GOP,

The assault against undocumented immigrants is creating a new kind of humanitarian crisis

LatinaLista — One of the federal government’s strategy in combating illegal immigration is to create a “culture of voluntary compliance” among businesses to not hire undocumented workers says Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Gillian Chistensen. Of course, the voluntary compliance comes with the threat of being severely fined if the government finds out otherwise. As

Gauging Latino influence has little to do with political clout — at this stage

LatinaLista — Whenever the “i” word, and I’m talking influence, is used in association with Latinos, people automatically resort to defining it as political clout. It’s waved in the air as a defiant threat every time another anti-immigrant legislation is passed and signed into law. Just last week, the National Association of Latino Elected Officials