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The GOP’s journey to find root cause of their presidential defeat lies with Mexican American Latinos

LatinaLista — On election night, the realization that Latinos were fulfilling their political destiny was a public dawning that triggered observations by mainstream pundits ranging from almost gleeful — “This was a demographic shellacking” — Chuck Todd of NBC/MSNBC to downright insulting — “The white establishment is now the minority,” FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly lamented

Overwhelming support of Obama gives rise to new questions for Latinos’ political future

LatinaLista — If there is one crystal clear revelation about the Latino electorate from election night polling data, it’s that the overriding sentiment among the majority of Latino voters is that the GOP does not share their values — anymore. Poll data underscoring this reality is repeatedly surfacing in analysis after analysis. The latest data

International election watchers, threatened with arrest by Texas and Iowa officials, say main focus is demographic turnout

LatinaLista — Recently, it was made known that the group of international election watchers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) were warned off of observing Texas polls by the state’s attorney general threatening to arrest any of the watchers if they came within 100 feet of the polls. Now, shamefully, Iowa

Hurricane’s aftermath underscores that human suffering, from nature or manmade, should not be made a political scapegoat

LatinaLista — Regular readers of Latina Lista know that I always write about politics and the impact of policies on the Latino community. I do that — not because I’m so compulsive obsessive that I feel I need to write about these issues but because I feel I have to. Ever since the election campaign

The GOP’s own contradiction is what alienates Latinos from thinking its their party

LatinaLista — Politico posted a piece entitled Biden: We’re ‘breaking our neck’ on immigration reform. The piece isn’t all that interesting. It really just quotes Biden as reiterating why Latinos should vote for the Obama-Biden ticket — that an Obama-Biden win would send a clear message to the GOP that Democrats have Latino support and