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In the aftermath of the presidential election, it’s time for Latinos to start reclaiming their image

LatinaLista — Now that Latinos have gained credibility in the eyes of mainstream media and Main Street USA by making the difference in Obama’s re-election, Latinos need to start the real work of reclaiming the Latino image. In the aftermath of the election when Sunday morning network roundtable discussions were busy dissecting, analyzing and commenting

Por fin, Latinos have finally put the Sleeping Giant to bed

LatinaLista — It’s finally time to put the Sleeping Giant myth to bed. Though not all eligible Latino voters turned out to vote — 11.2 million, according to a Pew Hispanic Center analysis — it was still enough to give President Obama the winning edge and marked, for the first time, a legitimate claim to being

2012 election proves the start of seeing Latino candidates as mainstream

LatinaLista — Those who were paying attention to the media last week, in the aftermath of the election celebration by the Democrats and the forehead-slapping by the Republicans, noticed that the next generation of Latinos, both Republicans and Democrats, aren’t waiting around anymore to be invited to the proverbial political table. For starters, Latino candidates

The GOP’s journey to find root cause of their presidential defeat lies with Mexican American Latinos

LatinaLista — On election night, the realization that Latinos were fulfilling their political destiny was a public dawning that triggered observations by mainstream pundits ranging from almost gleeful — “This was a demographic shellacking” — Chuck Todd of NBC/MSNBC to downright insulting — “The white establishment is now the minority,” FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly lamented

Overwhelming support of Obama gives rise to new questions for Latinos’ political future

LatinaLista — If there is one crystal clear revelation about the Latino electorate from election night polling data, it’s that the overriding sentiment among the majority of Latino voters is that the GOP does not share their values — anymore. Poll data underscoring this reality is repeatedly surfacing in analysis after analysis. The latest data