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Report: For Women and Girls, the Common Core Is a Step Toward Greater Equity

Report: For Women and Girls, the Common Core Is a Step Toward Greater Equity

Center for American Progress Women and girls continue to benefit from dramatically increased educational opportunities. Due in large part to the success of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, more than half of the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees awarded by U.S. colleges today are earned by women. Yet despite this progress,

Latina Lista launches “Haiti Reports” to honor ongoing Haitian relief efforts

LatinaLista When the world first learned about the devastating earthquake in Haiti last month, the news reports of the destruction, suffering and loss of life couldn’t come quickly or often enough. For a couple of weeks, people were glued to their television sets or clicking through photos online of what was happening in Haiti. Yet,

Relief workers in Haiti say the need is getting greater for help and supplies

LatinaLista In the days after the Haiti earthquake when the world was gripped with the need to know news — any news — of conditions in Haiti, Latina Lista was contacted by the International Medical Corps in the hopes that we could help spread the word that they needed donations badly to get the necessary

Guest Voz: Spread the word, Haiti still needs help

By Margaret Aguirre LatinaLista — Margaret Aguirre is the Director of Global Communications for the 26-year-old, California-based International Medical Corps (IMC). IMC goes anywhere in the world it’s needed to save lives and improve the quality of life through health interventions performed by volunteer doctors and nurses. Ever since January 12, 2010 when the 7.0

LL Special Report: Organizer of NYC anti-gay Latino rally told he is not the voice of all Latinos

By Anahi Parra LL Special Report LatinaLista Away from my hometown of Mexico City, I am currently in New York City, where last Sunday I had the opportunity to witness two rallies regarding gay marriage in New York, one pro-marriage equality, one against. The English-language media coverage was more focused on the rally co-organized by