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Pro-migrant create special video unmasking the true voices of anti-immigrant group FAIR

LatinaLista — This past week, Washington was “invaded” by the annual “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” lobbying event to push Congress to enact immigration reform. One of the leading organizations of the event was the Federation for American Immigration Reform or FAIR.
The only problem is that the type of “reform” asked by FAIR and the others is what is characterized by human rights groups as extremely punitive in nature. FAIR and these other groups have gone on record criticizing the influx of Hispanic immigrants into the country by saying that the migrants’ presence is diluting the white race and that it is simply a build-up to a reconquista of North America for Mexico — too outrageous to be taken seriously.
Yet, because the flawed arguments of this highly biased group are parroted by news media as truth — Lou Dobbs was a prominent participant in the event in Washington — people, from Congressmen to the media, believe the allegations of this organization.
So in an effort to combat the misrepresentations and distortions of Hispanic migrants by FAIR, several pro-migrant groups got together to create ads that appeared in the Washington papers calling FAIR out for their extremist views, hateful rhetoric and attempts to scare the American public and political representatives with false claims about Hispanic migrants.
One of the creatives developed specifically to counter FAIR’s charges was a video by America’s Voice, a new organization created to specifically use the medium of communications to “win common-sense immigration reform.”
It is time for immigration reform but it should be a reform that recognizes the reality of the situation — that migrants are people with families whose only crime isn’t even a crime but one of natural instinct, to survive and dream of a better future than what lay behind in their past.

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