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The justification of an Arizona boycott is as clear as a bill that singles out Latinos

LatinaLista — Every day the list of city councils and organizations that either call or plan to boycott Arizona keeps growing.


The (Washington) D.C. Council waded into the fight over illegal immigration today, as all 13 members sponsored a bill forbidding the police chief from sharing arrest data with federal immigration officials and also announced their unanimous support for a resolution calling on the city to stop doing business with Arizona. 

An unidentified demonstrator in Palm Springs, Calif., protests the Arizona immigration enforcement law. (AP Photo: Wade Byars: The Desert Sun)

On Monday night, the Hollywood, California city council voted unanimously to boycott Arizona.

The San Diego city council also voted Monday night in favor of a resolution urging Arizona lawmakers to repeal the law. Carson City, California is scheduled to voted on a boycott of Arizona on Tuesday.

The cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles have also talked of cutting off deals with Arizona and its businesses.

Latino fraternity Sigma Lambda Beta has notified the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors (AFA) that they won’t be attending the annual meeting this fall in Phoenix.

The Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Common Council has decided to send to committee a resolution that involves a controversial proposal to boycott certain Arizona businesses because of that state’s new immigration law.

And a sports columnist with The Dallas Morning News wrote Sports commissioners should boycott Arizona events.

Of course, there is pushback from Arizonans who don’t want people to avoid their state. The most recent notable is former Supreme Court Justice and Arizona native Sandra Day O’Connor.

It’s understandable that Arizonans who understand the fragile economy of their state would not want a boycott of any kind, especially on the cusp of summer when yearly vacations to the Grand Canyon are usually planned.

In fact, there has been as much debate about the effectiveness of a boycott as there has been about the bill that started it all.

Yet, while this bill is still on track to be enforced, no American of Latino descent will be able to pass through this state without harassment — plain and simple.

And that reason alone justifies a boycott of a state that is historically Latino but forgot its roots.

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  • Tara Murphy
    May 4, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    Have these cities, groups, LaRaza,Maldef, companies who are calling for or enacting boycotts of AZ taken into account the fact that thousands of Latino workers will be affected–hotel workers, restaurant staff, convention center employees, every level of the service industry and more will see the loss of jobs — and paychecks to people who haven’t even been asked if they’re willing to make that sacrifice. Are the above groups and individuals currently setting up a fund to compensate the workers for any loss of wages? One latino activist said, “we are willing to make any sacrifice” to get the legislation repealed. Has he spoken to every employed immigrant in AZ? Will he/she sacrifice their financial security? If not, they should STFU.

  • Karen
    May 5, 2010 at 2:02 am

    Keep boycotting. Arizona doesn’t care about the humanity of Hispanic people. They are using this law to depress the Hispanic-American vote. wanna bet that Hispanics will be stopped and detained on and before election day?
    We have to keep boycotting because the federal government is obviously not going to do anything to protect our rights.
    Don’t spend any money in Arizona at all, or in any business headquartered there. When the Diamondbacks play in your city, stay home.

  • Thomas
    May 5, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Arizona supplies 30 percent of power to California. Boycotts can work in both ways. Plus given that the majority of the country supports Arizona I would say they would support them by taking their vacations there and cancel any trips to California. I live is cali. Its a bankrupt state thanks to libs rule and illegals draining our resources. Its the greece of America. The people of Arizona is tired of seeing their beautiful state trun into a war zone. So I don’t blame them. Now there are more states following them. Utah, Texas. They have had enough. You going to boycott tham as well.

  • Britany
    May 7, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    Boycott Arizona? Latinos continue to shoot themselves in the feet, with refusal to take part in the census and the continued threat to the Democrats that they will not go to the polls in November, and now attempting to destroy a fragile economy in which they, as low income employees are more fungible, and generally get fired first. If I were Latino, I would seriously question the motives and wisdom of my leadership. They are apparently more interested in making political points than actually looking out for Latino interests. The fact is that Latinos have so little buying power when compared to the rest of the country who will continue to buy, that such boycotts will fail and expose the fact that their threats are empty of consequence. Reload your guns, as you have only a few more toes to target.

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